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ISBN: 9780199571079

Published: 5 Sep 09

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Basic Linguistic Theory: Volume 2

Grammatical Topics

R. M. W. Dixon

In Basic Linguistic Theory R. M. W. Dixon provides a comprehensive guide to the nature of human languages and their description and analysis. The books are a one-stop text for undergraduate and graduate students, the triumphant outcome of a lifetime's immersion in every aspect of language, and a lasting monument to innovative scholarship.

A straightforward and accessible account of the structures of language

A comprehensive exploration of the nature of language

A one-stop text on how to do linguistics and think about language

Written by one of the world's top linguists

A How-to Manual for doing linguistics

A lasting monument to innovative scholarship

10: Grammatical Word and Phonological Word
11: Distinguishing Noun and Verb
12: The Adjective Class
13: Transitivity
14: Copula Clauses and Verbless Clauses
15: Pronouns and Demonstratives
16: Possession
17: Relative Clause Constructions
18: Complement Clauses and Complementation Strategies

R. M. W. Dixon , Cairns Institute, James Cook University

R. M. W. Dixon is Adjunct Professor at the Cairns Institute, James Cook University. His pioneering fieldwork on Australian Aboriginal languages began in the 1960s and led, among many other works, to grammars of Dyirbal and Yidiñ, culminating in Australian languages: Their nature and development (CUP 2002). His other books include A Grammar of Boumaa Fijian (U Chicago Press 1988), Ergativity (CUP, 1994), The Rise and Fall of Languages (CUP 1997), The Jarawara Language of Southern Amazonia (OUP 2004), which was winner of the 2004-5 Leonard Bloomfield Prize, and A Semantic Approach to English Grammar (OUP 2005).