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To view samples of Oxford Literacy titles online, please select the title from the series you are interested in below.

If you have any questions or you would like more information on the title you have selected, please contact your Local Primary Consultant to arrange a time for them to come and visit you at your school.

Click on the links below to view titles in the following series:

Oxford Literacy Independent
Oxford Literacy Guided Reading
Yarning Strong
Project X
Oxford Reading Tree

Oxford Literacy Independent:

Run, Run (Fiction | Level 1)  
In the Rainforest (Fiction | Level 2)
In the Sea (Non-fiction | Level 3) 
Nok Can Fix It (Fiction | Level 5)
I Can Help (Fiction | Level 6)  
Just Right for Me (Fiction | Level 8)
Be Brave, Rex! (Fiction | Level 8) 
Amazing Volcanoes (Non-fiction | Level 8) 
Ferdinand at the Fair (Fiction | Level 11)  
Perfect Pets (Non-fiction | Level 15)
Looga and Barooga: The Treasure of Soap Land (Comic | Level 17) 
Charlie and the Aztecs (Fiction | Level 23) 
One Step Ahead (Fiction | Level 23) 
Frankenstein's Sofa (Fiction | Level 27)  
Our Siberian Journey (Non-fiction | Level 29)
Julia Caesar (Fiction | Level 29) 

For more information on Oxford Literacy Independent, please CLICK HERE.

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Oxford Literacy Guided Reading:

Australian Curriculum titles:
One White Cloud (Maths Around Us - Mathematics) (Levels 1-2)
We Made a Museum (Australian Stories - History) (Levels 3-5)
My Favourite Book (Our Languages - English) (Levels 6-8)
The Story of Bicycles (Australian Stories - History) (Levels 9-11)
I Love Grandma's Farm (Maths Around Us - Mathematics) (Levels 12-14)
From Sand to Sea (Environment and Our World - Science) (Levels 15-17)
Rubbish Night (Environment and Our World - Science) (Levels 18-20)
From Book to Screen (Our Languages - English) (Levels 21-23)

Digital Shared Reading:
Our Language (English)

Guided Reading:
Levels 1-2:
Tess and Alex at the River
A Very Busy Day

Levels 3-5:
Fox and Tiger
The Oily Penguin

Levels 6-8:
Fun at the Park
The Short Cut

Levels 9-11:
My Neighbours
Staying Healthy

Levels 12-14:
The Values We Share
Picnic at the Lake

Levels 15-17:
Ant Attack
Blackheart on the Loose

Levels 18-20:
The Sleepover
Where's Nanna?

Levels 21-23:
The Star of the Show
The Sea of Rubbish

Levels 24-26:
Going Underground
Where Words Come From

Levels 27-30:
Low-down on Lyrebirds
Gold Seekers

To find out more about the Oxford Literacy guided reading series, please CLICK HERE.

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Yarning Strong Years 34:

Family Module:
Odd one out

Land Module:
A Christmas ya won't forget

Identity Module:
The naming of Yellow Hair

Professional Support:
Yarning Strong Professional Support Years 34

Audio Books:
The naming of Yellow Hair 

Yarning Strong Years 56:

Family Module:
Family Anthology
Kin Island

Identity Module:
Identity Anthology

Land Module:
Land Anthology
Common Ground

Law Module:
Law Anthology
Caught and Court

Professional Support: 
Yarning Strong Professional Support Years 56

Audio Books:
The Chainsaw File

To find out more about the Yarning Strong series, please CLICK HERE.

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Project X:

Tiger's Family (UK Level 1+ | AU Levels 1-2)  

Zak and Zee (UK Level 4 | AU Levels 9-11)  

Alien Invasion (UK Level 6 | AU Levels 15-17) 

Tiger's Discovery (UK Level 7 | AU Levels 18-20)  

Escape of the Giant Chicken (UK Level 8 | AU Levels 18-20) 

Power Racers (UK Level 9 | AU Levels 21-22)  

Team X (UK Levels 15 | AU Levels 30+)  

Project X CODE
Dragon Training (UK Level 4 | AU Levels 9-11)
Dino Danger (UK Level 7 | AU Levels 17-18)
Mission Marvel (UK Level 9 | AU Levels 21-22) 

To find out more about the Project X series, please CLICK HERE.

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Oxford Reading Tree:

Floppy's Phonics Sounds and Letters:

At the Carnival (UK Level 1A | AU Levels 1-2)  

Book 20 (UK Level 4 | AU Levels 9-11)

Floppy's Phonics Fiction and Non-fiction:
Cats (Fiction | UK Level 1 | AU Levels 1-2)
Leek Hotpot (Fiction | UK Level 3 | AU Levels 6-8)
Crunch! (Fiction | UK Level 4 | AU Levels 9-11)
At the Animal Park (Non-fiction | UK Level 2 | AU Levels 3-5)
Olympic Dreams Non-fiction | (UK Level 6 | AU Levels 15-17)

Biff, Chip and Kipper Decode and Develop:
Red Noses (UK Level 2 | AU Levels 3-5) 

Floppy and the Skateboard (UK Level 4 | AU Level 9-11)

Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories:
Fetch! (UK Level 1 | AU Levels 1-2)

Big Feet (UK Level 1+ | AU Levels 1-2) 

Spots! (UK Level 2 | AU Levels 3-5) 
What it is? (UK Level 2 | AU Levels 3-5)
The Ice Rink (UK Level 3 | AU Levels 6-8) 
The Scarf (UK Level 4 | AU Levels 9-11)
Red Planet (UK Level 7 | AU Levels 15-20) 
Key Trouble (UK Level 9 | AU Levels 21-23)  

Alf Saves the Day (UK Level 5 | AU Levels 12-14) 

Clown School (UK Level 10 | AU Levels 21-26) 

Mix! Mix! Mix! (UK Level 1 AU Levels 1-2)
Ron Rabbit's Big Day (UK Level 3 | AU Levels 6-8)
Paula the Vet (UK Level 6 | AU Levels 15-17)

Glow Worms:

All Stars:


Clothes for Rain (UK Level 1+ more | AU Levels 1-2)  

Ballet (UK Level 4 more | AU Levels 9-11) 

Wild Weather (UK Level 6 | AU Levels 15-17) 

To find out more about the Oxford Reading Tree series
, please CLICK HERE.

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The Quest (UK Levels 10-11 | AU Levels 21-26) 
Twice upon a Time (UK Levels 15-6 | AU Levels 30+)

Captain Comet and the Purple Planet (UK Level 9 | AU Levels 21-23) 

Cornflake Coin (UK Level 10 | AU Level 21-26) 

Cool Clive (UK Level 12 | AU Levels 24-26) 

Grace the Pirate (UK Level 14 | AU 27-30) 

Black Beauty (UK Level 16 | AU Levels 30+) 

Myths and Legends:
Wolf Fables (UK Levels 10-11 | AU Levels 21-26)

Dragon Tales (UK Levels 14-15 | AU Levels 27-30+)  

Graphic Novels:
Hollywood (UK Level 13 | AU Levels 27-30)
Gladiator (UK Level 15 | AU Levels 30+) 

Time Chronicles:

Beyond the Door (UK Level 11| AU Levels 24-26) 
Making a Bolt For It (UK Level 13 | AU Levels 27-30) 


Animals and Us (UK Level 14 | AU Levels 27-30) 

To find out more about the TreeTops series
, please CLICK HERE.

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