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Women in STEM

Celebrating women and girls in science #February11

This day highlights the importance of diversity and celebrates the contributions of people who identify as women in the field of science.

A chance to win

Join the Oxford Science Hub today for your chance to win 1 of 10 free copies of Not Just for the Boys: Why We Need More Women in Science by physicist Athene Donald.

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Our research

Science education has seen significant changes over the past 25 years. Take a look at these highlights from Oxford.

Webinars on demand

Watch our teacher webinars for a flexible way to keep you up-to-date with the latest research, pedagogical trends and practical teaching techniques to use in the classroom.

Latest news

STAV VCE Conference Series 2024

Oxford authors in the spotlight at STAV

Congratulations to our Oxford authors Carolyn Drenen (Chemistry) and Elizabeth Blaher-Lucas (Psychology) for presenting at the STAV VCE Conference Series 2024.

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Climate Change Challenge

Climate Change Challenge

Zoe Cokeliss Barsley, Director of Sustainability at Oxford University Press, is one of 14 influential thought-leaders, founders, and global entrepreneurs invited to judge The Burjeel Holdings Oxford Saïd Climate Change Challenge.

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Shaping science citizens

Shaping science citizens in the age of climate change

Young people today need to be prepared to apply scientific thinking skills to everyday decisions. In an article for the FE News website, OUP’s Director of Assessment Dave Leach discusses how our work on the new PISA Framework will help.

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Addressing the problems of tomorrow

Addressing the problems of tomorrow

Explore how IB DP Physics can help students gain climate science literacy during such a key time.

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Understanding the science of global warming and climate change

Understanding the science of global warming and climate change

Read about how IB DP Chemistry supports teachers and students as advocates of the fundamental need to safeguard the global environment.

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OUP and science

Through our content, we can make a difference to people and planet by raising awareness about social and environmental issues among learners worldwide. This is particularly important in science education.