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Years 7 - 10 (Stages 4 & 5)


  • Oxford Insight History

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  • Student book + obook assess
  • Student obook assess (code card)
  • Student obook assess MULTI (code card)
  • Teacher obook assess

Oxford Insight History has been developed and written by a team of experienced NSW teachers and educators to meet the requirements of the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. Oxford Insight History comprehensively covers all syllabus content in order to help students successfully meet all of the required outcomes.

  • Optimise student understanding.          
  • Each chapter of Oxford Insight History is sequenced according to the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum: History and structured around a number of key inquiry questions.          
  • Content dot points clearly map the learning sequence for students.          

Key Features

Provides teachers with the tools to continually monitor student progress against syllabus content via Checkpoint activities at the end of every section

Each Checkpoint is supported by a set of three separate student worksheets available as part of the Teacher obook assess. Worksheets are graded to support, consolidate or extend students of different abilities and personalise learning in the classroom

Incorporates market-leading visual resources (such as primary and secondary source material, maps and complex historical illustrations)

Different types of activity boxes appear throughout each chapter and are grouped according to the BOS 'Glossary of Key Words' - ideal for use with students of different learning styles

The Historians Toolkit provides a stand-alone reference for all of the historical skills and concepts (can be taught as a separate unit of work or revisited as required).


Each Stage pack provides both year levels in one simple package. Offering print + digital and digital stand-alone options, the Oxford Insight History stage packs give teachers the opportunity to teach any topic within Stage 4 or Stage 5 and provide great cost savings.

A range of print and digital year level and stages 4 & 5 value packs are also available.

obook assess

Oxford’s premium digital learning solution encompasses a suite of resources to support teachers and students, including interactives, tests, answers, videos, differentiated worksheets, teaching notes and more. Click here for more information.


Using NSW Board of Studies documentation as a basis, we offer a History course planner and Scope and Sequence charts for years 7-10 to help teachers with their planning requirements. Please see below to download.

We have also created full teaching programs for year 7 and 9 science teachers. If you would like a copy of either of these Teaching Programs please contact your local Oxford Education Consultant.

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