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Say hello to obook pro

Selected new Secondary education resources are supported by Oxford’s enhanced obook pro format.

Providing a significant upgrade to existing obook capabilities, obook pro features upgraded interactive resources and market-leading assessment, tracking and reporting functionality, all hosted on Oxford Digital.

Discover innovative new obook pro features:*

* Not all new resources feature full obook pro functionality, please check individual resource details for more information.

Bring content to life with a feature-packed eReader

All obook pro resources feature an upgraded eReader that increases engagement by enabling students to:

  • instantly navigate to any chapter, topic or subtopic
  • search, highlight, annotate and bookmark text
  • access resources mapped to each topic via on-page hotspots
  • look up words in the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary.

Selected titles also feature integrated Desmos maths software tools and calculators.

Consolidate student understanding with interactive assessments

Featuring engaging interactive assessments and an expanded variety of question types, obook pro resources make it easy for students to test their understanding of key concepts and identify areas requiring revision.

Focus on teaching, administration is taken care of!

obook pro resources feature advanced tracking and reporting features that save teachers' time and support lesson planning. These reports provide meaningful, data-driven insights into student and class achievement at all stages.

New reporting tools include:

  • Assessment reports that provide a summary of progress and performance across all assessment activities.
  • Curriculum reports that chart student results against curriculum codes, providing teachers with key data for reporting and a clear overview of understanding of key knowledge areas.
  • Skills reports that link test results to key skills, providing valuable insight into students' strengths and gaps in understanding.

Support and extend students of all abilities

Selected obook pro resources feature inter-year links that deliver content and link concepts across the entire series, providing opportunities for review and extension to students at all levels.

Address gaps in knowledge and understanding

Selected obook pro resources feature Learning Pathway Reports that grade students' approximate competency level against prerequisite skills.

Learning Pathway Reports provide a personalised plan for completing exercises and recommend digital resources to address gaps in knowledge.

New resources powered by obook pro:

Oxford Maths 7–10
Victorian Curriculum

Oxford Science 7–10
Victorian Curriculum 2E

Oxford Humanities 7–10
Victorian Curriculum 2E

Oxford Biology for VCE
Units 1–4


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