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Years F-6


  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • Western Australia

Resource available

  • Student books
  • Teaching support on Oxford Owl: Activity sheets, digital teaching activities


Oxford Handwriting is a complete handwriting program. Designed to develop the building blocks of handwriting, it features correct posture and grip models, and opportunities to model and practise accurate letter formation and joining techniques.

  • Student books F–2 include patterns to introduce letter groups and develop fluency skills, starting dots and direction arrows.
  • Student books 3–6 include size, slope and spacing instructions, handwriting tips for joining techniques and activities to develop a fluent, automatic handwriting style.
  • All books include automated formation of high-frequency Oxford Wordlist words, self-assessment pages and ‘track your progress’ spreads.

Click here for a free sample of Oxford Handwriting VIC Year 3

Teaching Support with Oxford Handwriting

Oxford Handwriting offers complimentary teaching support via Oxford Owl. The teaching support includes:

  • access to over 100 activity sheets for consolidation and practice
  • access to digital teaching activities to develop accurate and automatic formation of letters, numbers and high-frequency words from the Oxford Wordlist.

A suite of Oxford Handwriting online teaching resources can be found on Oxford Owl.

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