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We want to give you the opportunity to view sample pages and uncorrected page proofs of our forthcoming and published English titles so it is easier for you to make your decisions.

To view a sample chapter/page proof
Click on the chapter/page proof within the year level and component of the series you are interested in below.

Australian Curriculum: English Years 7 10 Course Planner

This course planner, using ACARA documentation as a basis, is a general Australian Curriculum scope and sequence chart to help you with your English planning requirements. 


Junior English

MyEnglish | Victorian Curriculum Years 5/6 - 10
Student workbook

Year 7 Student workbook page proof
Year 8 Student workbook page proof
Year 9 Student workbook page proof

Year 5/6 - Units 11a & 11b: Punctuation basics | 12a & 12b: Possessive apostrophes
Year 7 - Units 11a & 11b: Punctuating sentences | 12a & 12b: Using apostrophes
Year 8 - Units 11a & 11b: Colons and semicolons | 12a & 12b: Brackets and dashes
Year 9 - Units 11a & 11b: Punctuation review | 12a & 12b: Quotation marks and direct speech
Year 10 - Units 11a & 11b: Punctuation review | 12a & 12b: Punctuating quotations from texts
Sample pages from the Western Australian Curriculum edition and Queensland edition coming soon.


VCE English Units 1-4 and pre-VCE English

Senior English Skills Builder | Australian Curriculum Year 10
Student workbook

Unit 1: Writing better sentences
Unit 16: Pulling it all together: Planning an analytical text response
Unit 25: Comparing characters


Reading and Creating / Reading and Comparing | VCE Units 1-4 
Student workbook 

Unit 3.1: Reading for comparison


Analysing and Presenting Argument | VCE Units 1-4
Student workbook

Part 2: Formulating and developing arguments 




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