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ISBN: 9780199556991

Published: 30 Sep 09

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Lucan: De Bello Ciuili Book 1

Paul Roche

This is a full-scale edition (the first in nearly 70 years) of the first book of Lucan's De Bello Civili, an important and influential epic poem written in the 60s AD, which recounts the civil war between Julius Caesar and Pompey in the years 49-45 BC. The volume includes an introduction, text with apparatus criticus, and commentary. The introduction provides the reader with a number of the most important contexts for understanding Lucan's subject matter and his approach to this material. The commentary pays particular attention to interpretative, linguistic, literary, historical, social, and philosophical issues arising from the narrative of Book 1.

Presents the most up-to-date scholarship on the poem

Introduction focuses upon Lucan's place within the tradition of previous and subsequent Latin literature and his influence upon the genre of epic narrative

Commentary utilizes new philological tools to explore Lucan's language


Edited with a commentary by Paul Roche , Lecturer in Latin, Department of Classics and Ancient History, University of Sydney

Paul Roche is Lecturer in Latin in the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Sydney.