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ISBN: 9780199214075

Published: 1 Oct 07

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Knowledge Management in Policing and Law Enforcement

Foundations, Structures and Applications

Geoffrey Dean, Petter Gottschalk

Sharing knowledge in policing remains a significant challenge for police forces around the world. The Bichard Inquiry examined the effectiveness of police forces' information sharing and found it to be severely lacking. This unique book sets out the conceptual framework for knowledge management and explains how a greater understanding of the subject can help policing at an operational level.

The book is split into a clear and logical three part structure: Part I covers the foundations of knowledge management and the key security issues in relation to a 'globalised' world of crime and terrorism, Part II looks at the building of structures and the use of applications and Part III integrates the first two parts by providing illustrative examples of working applications of police-specific knowledge management systems.

Drawing on examples from around the world, the book takes the reader through the range of different systems and approaches and shows how they can be implemented in practice using illustrative case studies and practical diagrams.

This is an ideal purchase for all police professionals and policing academics with an interest in, or role in knowledge management systems.

Sets out the conceptual framework for knowledge management and explains how an understanding of the subject can help policing at an operational level.

Logically structured with a systematic progression through the key issues, systems and technologies

Contains a variety of practical diagrams and models to represent and explain key concepts

Draws on a range of policing examples from around the world with useful case studies to contextualise the issues

Helps to address some of the concerns regarding police forces' information sharing in the light of the Bichard Inquiry

Part I - Knowledge Management in Policing: Laying Foundations
1: Knowledge Work in Policing
2: Fundamentals of Knowledge Management for Policing
3: Framework for Police Knowledge Management
Part II - Police Knowledge Management: Building Structures
4: Approaches to Police Knowledge Management
5: Systems in Police Knowledge Management
6: Technologies for Police Knowledge Management
Part III - Police Knowledge Management: Using Applications
7: 'Cross & Check' system: Experiential Knowledge Reasoning Application
8: 'Investigative Pathways System':Neural Network Mapping Application
9: 'Interlocking Terrorism Contexts System': Knowledge modelling Application
10: Policy and Practices: Police Knowledge Management

Geoffrey Dean , Senior Lecturer, School of Justice, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology

Petter Gottschalk , Professor of Knowledge Management, the Norwegian School of Management

Dr Geoff Dean is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Justice Studies in the Faculty of Law at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. He specialises in police investigative thinking and knowledge management, forensic and investigative psychology, criminal/offender profiling, justice and human rights, terrorism and security. He is registered as an international expert with EUROPOL at the Knowledge Management Centre, The Hague in the Netherlands and consults widely with various police services, institutes, and universities in Asia, Europe and North America. Dr. Dean is the program manager and teaching coordinator for a joint corporate program on 'International Policing' as a major course component for the Bachelor of Justice Degree for the Singapore Police Force. He is also a former police trainer. Dr Petter Gottschalk is professor of knowledge management at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo, Norway. He specialises in knowledge work, management of knowledge workers, management of police investigations, leadership roles, knowledge strategies, value configurations, resource-based strategy and knowledge management systems. He is teaching at Nányang University in Singapore, Fudan University in Shanghai and Arab Academy in Egypt. Prior to this, Dr. Gottschalk had several executive positions in business and public administration.