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ISBN: 9780198507345

Published: 1 Jul 02

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Mathematics in Signal Processing V

J. G. McWhirter, I. K. Proudler

A selection of papers presented at the four-yearly IMA conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing. Covering a wide range of recent topics, including excellent review papers and original research.

Collection of up-to-date research and review papers

Excellent reference manual

Contributions from prominent researchers

1: P. Comon: Tensor Decompositions: State of the ART and Applications
2: P.A. Regalia: Blind Deconvolution and Source Separation
3: L. De Lathauwer, B. De Moor, and J. Vandewalle: An Algebraic Algorithm for Independent Component Analysis with More Sources than Sensors
4: Y. Luo, and J. Chambers: Quasi-Newton Cross-Correlation and Constant Modulus Adaptive Algorithm for Space-Time Blind Equalization
5: M. Davies: Audio Source Separation
6: M. Klajman, and J. A. Chambers: Approximate Joint Diagonalization Based on the Cayley Transform
7: P. Yuvapoositanon, and J. Chambers: An Adaptive Blind CMOE-CMA Receiver for DS-CDMA Systems
8: I. Mann, and S. McLaughlin: Statistics of Impulse Noise in xDSL
9: D.S. Broomhead, J.P. Huke, M.R. Muldoon, and A.G. Brown: Nonlinear Thoughts about Linear Signal Processing
10: M. Anderle, and M. Kirby: An Application of the Maximum Noise Fraction Method to Filtering Noisy Time Series
11: C.-C. Chen, K. Yao, K. Umeno, and E. Biglieri: Applications of Chaotic Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory to Spread Spectrum Sequences Design
12: P. Ashwin, and X.-C. Fu: On the Dynamics of Some Nonhyperbolic Area-preserving Piecewise Linear Maps
13: H. Koeppl, and G. Paoli: Nonlinear System Identification of a Broadband Subscriber Line Interface Circuitry using the Volterra Approach
14: S. Chen, and L. Hanzo: Importance Sampling Simulation and Multiple-Hyperplane Realization of the Bayesian Decision Feedback Equalizer
15: J.F. Ralph: Accumulated Evidence and Dimensionality Reduction
16: T.R. Field: Information Geometric Approaches to Acoustic Signal Classification
17: S.P. Luttrell: Using Stochastic Vector Quantizers to Characterize Signal and Noise Subspaces
18: R. Wilson: Multiresolution Gaussian Mixtures for Image Analysis
19: S. Van Huffel: Mathematics in Biomedical Signal Processing
20: Y. Wang, S. Van Huffel, E. Heyvaert, and L. Vanhamme: Automatic Frequency Correction for Quantification of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Images
21: N. Aydin: Time-frequency and Time Scale Analysis of Embolic Signals
22: B. Barkat: Instantaneous Frequency Estimation of Quadratic FM Signals Corrupted by Multiplicative and Additive Noise
23: S. Weiss: Analysis and Fast Implementation of Oversampled Modulated Filter Banks
24: F.T. Luk, S. Qiao, and D. Vandervoorde: Exponential Decomposition and Hankel Matrix
25: J.-P. Delmas: A Robustness Property of Algorithms Using Second-Order Statistics
26: S.D. Hayward: Bias/Variance Trade-Offs in Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Sensor Arrays
27: Y. Meurisse, and J.-P. Delmas: Robustness of Narrowband DOA Algorithms with Respect to Signal Bandwidth
28: C.Z.W. Hassell Sweatman, J.S. Thompson, B. Mulgrew, and P.M. Grant: A Mathematical Representation and Comparison of Detectors for Wireless Communication using Multiple Antennas
29: C.R. Baker: Likelihood Ratio Methods for Underwater Acoustics Signal Detection
30: M.D. Macleod: Solution of The General Harmonic Estimation Problem (High-Resolution Sinusoid Parameter Estimation)

J. G. McWhirter , Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, St Andrew's Road, Malvern WR14 3PS

I. K. Proudler , Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, St Andrew's Road, Malvern WR14 3PS

Professor J.G. McWhirter, Senior Fellow in the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency Dr I.K. Proudler, Fellow in the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency