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ISBN: 9780198236825

Published: 1 Nov 96

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The Mind of God and the Works of Man

Edward Craig

Seeking to rediscover the connection between philosophy as studied in universities and those general views of man and reality which are 'philosophy' to the educated layman, Edward Craig here offers a view of philosophy and its history since the early seventeenth century. He presents this period as concerned primarily with just two visions of the essential nature of man. One portrays human beings as made in the image of God, required to resemble him as far as lies in our power; the other sees us as autonomous creators of our own environment and values. The author writes with a broad sweep not encouraged by recent fashion, yet shows (with particular reference to Hume and Hegel) how textual detail which previous commentators have found opaque becomes transparent when viewed against such a background. In the final chapter he treats passages from recent work in the same way.

The general conceptions which philosophical thought embodies can equally well be embodied in other media, especially literary. The author illustrates this point with German and English examples and thereby draws together disciplines often felt to be far apart. He also reveals striking similarities between Anglo-American and certain twentieth-century continental European lines of thought.

A compellingly original view of modern philosophy and how it has developed

Beautifully written

Not just for philosophers: for anyone interested in the history of ideas

Draws together philosophical, scientific, literary, and religious thought from the last four centuries

Features original interpretations of many famous thinkers, in particular Hume and Hegel

The major work of one of Britain's foremost philosophers

1: The Mind of God
2: One Way to Read Hume
3: The Metaphysics of the Romantic Era
4: One Way to Read Hegel
5: The Works of Man
6: One way to Read Ourselves

Edward Craig , Fellow of Churchill College and Reader in Modern Philosophy, University of Cambridge

Edward Craig is Reader in Modern Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, where he has taught, and been a member of Churchill College, since 1966. He has held visiting professorships at Hamburg, Heidelberg, and Melbourne. He is the author of Knowledge and the State of Nature (Clarendon Press, 1990). He was the editor of the journal Ratio from 1988 to 1992, and is now Chief Editor of the ten-volume Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, to be published in 1998. In 1993 he was elected a Fellow of the British Academy.