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ISBN: 9780195379099

Published: 24 Apr 10

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The Study of Anosognosia

George P. Prigatano

The study of anosognosia has witnessed an unprecedented increase in interest over the last 20 years. This has resulted in numerous empirical investigations as well as theoretical writings on the nature of human consciousness and how disorders of the brain may influence the person's subjective awareness of a disturbed neurological or neuropsychological function. This edited text summarizes many of the advances that have taken place in the field of anosognosia. It reviews research findings on anosognosia for hemiplegia following stroke, Anton's syndrome, and a variety of disorders in which impaired self-awareness is common. It also provides suggestive guidelines for the management and rehabilitation of persons who have anosognosia or impaired self-awareness.

Selling point: This book focuses on impaired self-awareness which, by its nature, is extremely interesting to many individuals. Perhaps the most dramatic example is when the individual has a right hemisphere stroke and is unaware of their hemiplegia. Understanding the brain mechanisms that allow the individual to eventually become aware of their neurological impairments is, of course, of major interest to scientists as well as clinicians and the lay public. This book attempts to provide our most recent understanding of this complicated phenomenon.

Contributors Part I Historical Overview and Introduction 1. Historical Observations Relevant to the Study of Anosognosia George P. Prigatano Part II Anosognosia of Motor and Language Impairments 2. Anosognosia for Hemiplegia and Models of Motor Control: Insights from Lesion Data and Functional Imaging Gabriella Bottini, Eraldo Paulesu, Martina Gandola, Lorenzo Pia, Paola Invernizzi, and Anna Berti 3. Anosognosia for Hemiparesis and Hemiplegia: Disturbed Sense of Agency and Body Ownership Hans-Otto Karnath and Bernhard Baier 4. The Insular Cortex and Subjective Awareness A.D. (Bud) Craig 5. Anosognosia and Anosodiaphoria of Weakness Kenneth M. Heilman and Michal Harciarek 6. Anosognosia for Aphasia Andrew Kertesz 7. Assessing Anosognosia for Motor and Language Impairments Gianna Cocchini and Sergio Della Sala Part III Anosognosia Observed in Various Brain Disorders 8. Anosognosia in Huntington's Disease Daniel Tranel, Jane S. Paulsen, and Karen F. Hoth 9. Anosognosia in Parkinson's Disease George P. Prigatano, Franziska Maier, and Richard S. Burns 10. Anosognosia in Alzheimer's Disease: Neuroimaging Correlates Sergio E. Starkstein and Brian D. Power 11. Anosognosia and Alzheimer's Disease: Behavioral Studies Alfred W. Kaszniak and Emily C. Edmonds 12. Anosognosia and Traumatic Brain Injury George P. Prigatano 13. Anosognosia in Schizophrenia and Other Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Similarities and Differences James Gilleen, Kathryn Greenwood, and Anthony S. David Part IV Anosognosia and Specific Cognitive and Affective Disturbances 14. Anosognosia and Personality Change in Neurodegenerative Disease Katherine P. Rankin 15. Anosognosia and Error Processing in Various Clinical Disorders Ian H. Robertson 16. Emotional Awareness Among Brain Damaged Patients Ricardo E. Jorge Part V Anosognosia and Hysteria 17. Neuroanatomy of Impaired Body Awareness in Anosognosia and Hysteria: A Multi-Component Account Roland Vocat and Patrik Vuilleumier Part VI Measurement Issues and Technology 18. FMRI of Self Appraisal Sterling C. Johnson and Michele L. Ries 19. The Behavioral Measurement of Anosognosia as a Multifaceted Phenomenon M. Donata Orfei, Carlo Caltagirone, and Gianfranco Spalletta Part VII Anosognosia and Visual Loss 20. Anton's Syndrome and Unawareness of Partial and Complete Blindness George P. Prigatano and Thomas Wolf Part VIII Advances in the Study of Anosognosia 21. A Progress Report on the Study of Anosognosia George P. Prigatano 22. Management and Rehabilitation of Persons with Anosognosia and Impaired Self-Awareness George P. Prigatano and Jeannine Morrone-Strupinsky

George P. Prigatano , Chairman, Section of Neuropsychology, and Director, United States

Chairman, Section of Neuropsychology, and Director, Postdoctoral Training Program in Clinical Neuropsychology, Barrow Neurological Institute, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

This book is an absorbing and inclusive examination of anosognosia in all its behavioral and neuroanatomical facets. It is a crucial resource for clinicians involved in the assessment and treatment of individuals with anosognosia. 5 Stars! - Doodys