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ISBN: 9780195517965

Published: 6 Dec 04

Availability: 2


Age Level: 16+ years



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Australian Oxford Dictionary

Second Edition

Bruce Moore

The ultimate guide to contemporary Australian English, this is a major revision of the most authoritative Australian Dictionary for all Australians. This flagship dictionary draws on the databases of Australian English at the Australian National Dictionary Centre including its fast-growing national corpus and its research into Australian English, as well as the resources of the incomparable Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Over 110,000 headwords
  • More than 10,000 encyclopedic entries with special attention to Australian culture and history, including Aboriginal history.
  • Detailed word origins given for most entries
  • The encyclopedic entries are more detailed than in any comparable Australian dictionary – for example, the place-name entries not only geographically locate the place in question, but also provide information about the character of the place and its historical, economic, or political importance.
  • Detailed entries on many topics – political parties, religious organisations, historical events, mythological, fictional characters, and more
  • Special appendices include grammar, punctuation, Australian leaders, locations of Australian Aboriginal languages, and collective nouns

Dr Bruce Moore was director of the Australian National Dictionary Centre at the Australian National University. In addition to editing Oxford University Press' Australian Dictionaries, Bruce Moore has written a lexical monograph, Gold! Gold! Gold!, and is a regular guest on radio programs around the country.