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ISBN: 9780190022730


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Teaching and Communicating & Learning to Teach in the Early Years

Value Pack

Robyn Ewing, Tom Lowrie, Joy Higgs, Mindy Blaise, Joce Nuttall

This value pack contains Teaching and Communicating: Rethinking Professional Experiences and Learning to Teach in the Early Years Classroom.


In Teaching and Communicating, your students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to make the most of this experience. This user-friendly guide demonstrates how pre-service teachers, supervisors, mentors, and academics involved in school and field placement can be collectively engaged in professional experience contexts that are both dynamic and diverse. It provides opportunities for participants in the professional experience process to consider the complex nature of communication, to develop skills on how communication processes should be enacted, and to consider the broader education community. It also provides your students with practical advice on how to improve assessment by offering ideas about report writing, journal keeping and assignment delivery.


Learning to Teach in the Early Years Classroom helps teacher education students understand the complexities of teaching in early years’ classrooms. It integrates research and theory with practice through authentic classroom case studies, in order to show students how educators make decisions and achieve expected outcomes. Engaging and analytical, the book gives voice to the many stakeholders involved in a child’s development: from principals to teachers; from families and children of diverse backgrounds to pre-service teachers on field placement.


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Teaching and Communicating: Rethinking Professional ExperiencesLearning to Teach in the Early Years Classroom



Teaching and Communicating
Robyn Ewing – Associate Dean, Professor of Teacher Education and the Arts, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney
Tom Lowrie – Professor and Director, Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education, Charles Sturt University
Joy Higgs – Professor and Director, The Education for Practice Institute, Charles Sturt University


Learning to Teach in the Early Years
Mindy Blaise – Associate Professor, Hong Kong Institute of Education
Joce Nuttall – Associate Dean (Teaching), School of Education, Monash University