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ISBN: 9780195562439

Published: 22 May 09

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Health and Physical Education

Issues for Curriculum in Australia and New Zealand

Maree Dinan Thompson

Health and Physical Education fills the need for a text that explores contemporary Health and Physical Education curriculum issues in Australia and New Zealand. This book investigates and analyses curriculum issues and the part that proactive HPE teachers can play in reforming and improving the role of HPE within primary and secondary schools’ curriculum.
  • Comprehensive discussion of concepts central to health and physical. Education curriculum in Australia and New Zealand
  • Teacher Boxes – real life examples to illustrate theory in real school situations
  • Unique insights into power struggles within curriculum construction – who benefits and who loses?
  • Thorough exploration of discourses, dominant and marginal, evident in health and physical education curriculum: and agendas for further development and research
  • Contributors from around Australia and New Zealand ensure a variety of material and perspectives.
Part 1 Multiple Voices

Part Introduction
Maree DinanThompson and Dawn Penney

1 Cycl(scept)ical Circuits of Power and Control in Australian HPE Curriculum
Maree DinanThompson

2 Curriculum Acoustics: Analysing the Changing Voice of the New Zealand Health and Physical Education Curriculum
Tania Cassidy and Alan Ovens

3 Voices in Health and Physical Education Policy and Practice in Australian States and Territorie
Maree DinanThompson

4 Locating Teacher Voice in Curriculum Reform
Ross Brooker and Dawn Penney

5 Should Kids 'Be Seen and Not Heard'?: Where are the Students in HPE Curriculum?
Lisa Hunter

6 Locating the 'Sexual Voice' in Health and Physical Education Curriculum 106
Deana Leahy, Mary Lou Rasmussen and Maree DinanThompson

7 Indigenous Perspectives in HPE Curriculum: Contradictions and Colonisation
Katie Fitzpatrick

Part 2 Multiple Messages

Part Introduction Maree
DinanThomp son and Dawn Penney

8 Discursive Dilemmas in New Zealand's Health and Physical Education Curriculum
Lisette Burrows

9 What Does a 'Sociocultural Perspective' Mean in Health and Physical Education?
Ken Cliff, Jan Wright and Deb Clarke

10 Dicing with Death: Tensions, Contradictions and Awkward Positions in School Health Education
Michael Gard and Deana Leahy

11 Positioning the Physical in Health and Physical Education
Louise McCuaig and Peter Hay

12 Broadening Perspectives on Assessment in Health and Physical Education
Peter Hay

13 Physical Education as Vocational Education: A Marginalising Curriculum Space
Seth Brown and Doune Macdonald

14 Contemporary Issues and Future Agendas for Health and Physical Education
Doune Macdonald and Dawn Penney



Maree Dinan Thompson , Senior Lecturer, School of Education, James Cook University

The following resources are available for lecturers who prescribe Health and Physical Education for their courses:

  • Instructor's Resource Manual

For more information about the resources for Health and Physical Education, please contact your Oxford Territory Manager.