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ISBN: 9780195551389

Published: 19 Dec 07

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Aboriginal Primary Health Care

An Evidence-based Approach

Third Edition

Sophia Couzos, Richard Murray

Aboriginal Primary Health Care, 3rd edition is Australia's definitive guide to best-practice management of the major health problems facing Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders. This authentic and authoritative text assists health practitioners, policy-makers and communities to influence health determinants, advocate for and overcome inertia to change, and strengthen health care provision within a human rights context.

Proceeds from book sales support the continued operations of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services.


Provides best-practice management advice for the most important health issues faced by aboriginal populations

1. Aboriginal Health and History
2. Health, Human Rights, and the Policy Process
3. Health Status
4. Organising Prevention
5. The Well Person's Health Check
6. Pregnancy Care
7. Failure to Thrive
8. Ear Health
9. Respiratory Infection (including Bronchiectasis)
10. Asthma
11. Skin Infections
12. Rheumatic Fever
13. Coronary Heart Disease
14. Diabetes
15. Chronic Kidney Disease
16. Sexually Transmitted Infections
17. Tuberculosis
18. Trachoma
19. Leprosy
20. Substance Misuse
21. Suicide and Self-Harm
22. Custodial Health
23. Research, Evaluation, and Aboriginal Primary Health Care

Sophia Couzos , Public Health Officer, National Aboriginal Controlled Health Organisation and Adjunct Senior Lecturer School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia

Richard Murray , Associate Professor, James Cook University, Queensland