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ISBN: 9780195560558

Published: 14 Oct 08

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Population Health, Communities & Health Promotion

Sansnee Jirojwong, Pranee Liamputtong

Following the process of doing a community based health promotion project, this book shows how to progress from thinking about and assessing the health needs of a community to how to plan, implement, and evaluate a health promotion project for a particular group or population. Using real world case studies and examples, the text provides students with an introduction to community health within a population health and health promotion framework, and explains how these areas work together in practice.

  • Written to suit nursing, public health and allied health students.
  • Includes case studies and examples from communities in developing and developed countries.
  • Does not assume any prior knowledge of research or statistics.
  • Experienced author team of researchers, educators and practitioners.
  • Keywords explained in margin notes throughout the book.

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Section I Theory and Concepts
1: Introduction:Population Health and Health Promotion – Sansnee Jirojwong & Pranee Liamputtong
2: Primary Health Care and Health Promotion – Sansnee Jirojwong & Pranee Liamputtong
Section II Needs Assessment
3: Health Needs Assessment of Communities and Populations – Pranee Liamputtong & Sansnee Jirojwong
4: Health of Indigenous Australians and health promotion – Janya McCalman, Komla Tsey, Teresa Gibson & Bradley Baird
5: Emerging Population Health Issues and Health Promotion – Diane Goldsworthy, Sansnee Jirojwong & Pranee Liamputtong
6: Assessing the Needs of Health Professionals and Stakeholders – Omar Ha-Redeye
Section III Planning
7: Project Planning: Projects and Protocals  – Robert MacLennan
8: Project Planning Using the Precede-Proceed Model – Peter Howat, Graham Brown, Sharyn Burns & Alexandra McManus.
9: Planning Human Resources – Lee Stewart, Rusieli Taukei, & Kim Usher
10: Planning for Policy Advocacy for Health Promotion – Vivian Lin & Prue Bagley
Section IV Implementation
11: Health Promotion: How to Build Community Capacity – Glenn Laverack
12: Community Development and Empowerment – Komla Tsey
13: Health Promotion and Health Education for a Multicultural Community – Myna Hua & Chris Rissel
Section V Evaluation
14: Frameworks of Project Evaluation – Margaret Dykeman & Kathleen Cruttenden
15: Levels of Project Evaluation and Evaluation Study Designs– David Dunt

Sansnee Jirojwong, Senior Lecturer, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Pranee Liamputtong, School of Public Health, La Trobe University, Australia