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ISBN: 9780195325201

Published: 30 Apr 12

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Greening the Media

Richard Maxwell, Toby Miller

You will never look at your cell phone, TV, or computer the same way after reading this book. Greening the Media not only reveals the dirty secrets that hide inside our favorite electronic devices; it also takes apart the myths that have pushed these gadgets to the center of our lives. Marshaling an astounding array of economic, environmental, and historical facts, Maxwell and Miller debunk the idea that information and communication technologies (ICT) are clean and ecologically benign. The authors show how the physical reality of making, consuming, and discarding them is rife with toxic ingredients, poisonous working conditions, and hazardous waste. But all is not lost. As the title suggests, Maxwell and Miller dwell critically on these environmental problems in order to think creatively about ways to solve them. They enlist a range of potential allies in this effort to foster greener media--from green consumers to green citizens, with stops along the way to hear from exploited workers, celebrities, and assorted bureaucrats. Ultimately, Greening the Media rethinks the status of print and screen technologies, opening new lines of historical and social analysis of ICT, consumer electronics, and media production.
  • Identifies the media's complicity in environmental pollution, illustrating how information technology contributes to the global ecological crisis
  • Lays out a plan for change and sustainability in various media industries
  • Examines hot-button issues such as global-warming, cellphone safety, and technological waste


Richard Maxwell, Professor of Media Studies, Queens College, CUNY, United States.

Toby Miller, Distinguished Professor of Media & Cultural Studies, University of California, Riverside.

"As a brief, well-referenced work that pulls tohether many threads into one coherent picture, it is an excellent addition to any collection." - P.L. Kantor, CHOICE

"Greening the Media gathers evidence of a ‘fascinating, infuriating, complex and contradictory historical relationship between media, environment and society’. From the first ‘toxic drips and harmful puffs’ noticed in the fifteenth century, Maxwell and Miller trace the environmental consequences of media and communications." - Jock Given, Media International Australia Journal