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ISBN: 9780195518337

Published: 29 May 13

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Journalism Research and Investigation in a Digital World

Stephen Tanner, Nick Richardson

From wearing out shoe leather to the latest technologies, Journalism Research and Investigation in a Digital World helps journalism students and journalists who are embarking on their careers learn how to conduct complex investigations. It recognises that journalists need to develop skills that will enable them to work across a range of media platforms, while adapting to the new technology that will help them locate, interpret and package information in a faster, more efficient way.


Key features:

  • Practical case studies written by a range of journalists in the field documenting how they tackled a particular story.
  • Highlights international and local examples, including Wikileaks and investigative social journalism and the Arab Spring.
  • Written to allow readers to pick and choose the chapters and case studies to suit their immediate needs.


Part 1: Context
Introduction Stephen Tanner and Nick Richardson
1. Historical background Andrea Carson
Case study: The Making on an Investigative Journalist Richard Baker
2. Lessons from Abroad: Partnerships Bill Birnbauer
3. Wikileaks and Two New Models for Investigative Journalism Kristinn Hrafnsson and Suelette Dreyfus
4. Human Sources: The Journalist and The whistleblower in the Digital Era Suelette Dreyfus, Reeva Lederman, AJ Brown, Simon Milton, Marcia Miceli, Rachelle Bosua, Andrew Clausen, and Jessie Schanzle

Part 2: Approaches and Tools
5. The Research Process Wendy Bacon
6. Research Strategies Rod Kirkpatrick
7. The 'Twitterisation' of Investigative Journalism Julie Posetti
Case study: Investigative social journalism and the Arab Spring Jess Hill
8. Maths and Stats for Journalists Stephen Tanner
9. Data Journalism (1) Stephen Doig
10. Data Journalism (2) Kerry Green
Case study: The Sin Index Fiona Hudson
11. Interpreting Financial Documents Stephen Tanner and Nick Richardson
Case study: The Numbers Never Lie John Beveridge
12. Working with the PR Industry Jane Johnston
Case study: Strategic Communications Nino Tesorierio
13. Legal issues Mark Pearson
Case study: Intellectually Disabled People Fight for Equal Access to Justice Nance Haxton
14. Dirty Hands and Investigative Journalism Ian Richards
Case study: The Day I Went Silent Sharon Mascall-Dare

Part 3: Applied Investigations
15. Politics Nick Richardson
Case study: In Search of a Truth Serum Hedley Thomas
16. Crime Writing Andrew Rule and Nick Richardson
Case study: Intelligence-led Reporting Mark Solomons
17. On Flak, Balance and Activism: The Ups and Downs of Environmental Journalism Libby Lester
18. Health Reporting: Opportunities and Challenges? Trevor Cullen
Case study: Harnessing the Digital Era for Health Investigations Melissa Sweet
19. Science Journalism Karina Kelly
20. Reporting Indigenous Affairs Michael Meadows
Case study: Taking Journalists on the Journey Heather Stewart
21. Investigative Essentials for Journalists in Multicultural and Diverse Communities Angela Romano
23. Not Just About the Money Nigel McCarthy
Case study: BHP and Ok Tedi Mary Kaidonis
23. Industrial relations Kayt Davies Case study: IR Reporting Mark Skulley
24. Investigative Journalism and Sports Reporting Roger Patching
Case study: Harness Racing Expose Caro Meldrum-Hanna
25. Publishing Your Work Lawrie Zion Case study: Tipping Point Ruth Fogarty

Stephen Tanner - Professor of Journalism, Faculty of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong
Nick Richardson - National Editorial Training Manager with News Ltd

Richard Barker
John Beveridge
Bill Birnbauer
Rachelle Bosua
A.J. Brown
Andrew Carson
Andrew Clausen
Trevor Cullen
Kayt Davies
Stephen Doig
Suelette Dreyfus
Ruth Fogarty
Kerry Green
Nance Naxton
Jess Hill
Kristinn Hrafnsson
Fiona Hudson
Jane Johnston
Mary Kaidonis
Karina Kelly
Rod Kirkpatrick
Reeva Lederman
Libby Lester
Nigel McCarthy
Sharon Mascall-Dare
Michael Meadows
Caro Meldrum-Hanna
Marcia P. Miceli
Simon Milton
Roger Patching
Mark Pearson
Julie Posetti
Ian Richards
Angela Romano
Andrew Rule
Jessie Schanzle
Mark Skulley
Mark Solomons
Heather Stewart
Melissa Sweet
Nino Tesoriero
Hedley Thomas
Lawrie Zion

Additional case study: 'Hack the Turkmenet! The Journalistic Challenge in Central Asia'
Christopher Schwartz & Annasoltan Turkmen (a pseudonym)
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Chapter 1: The History of Investigative Journalism in Australia