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ISBN: 9780195551518

Published: 1 Nov 07

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Journalism Ethics

Arguments and Cases

Second Edition

Martin Hirst, Roger Patching

Hirst and Patching's second edition of Journalism Ethics: Arguments and Cases provides a fully updated exploration of the theory and practice of ethics in journalism. The authors situate modern ethical dilemmas in their social and historical context, which encourages students to think critically about ethics across the study and practice of journalism.

Using a unique political economy approach, the text provides students with a theoretical and philosophical understanding of the major ethical dilemmas in journalism today. It commences with a newly recast discussion of theoretical frameworks, which explains the complex concepts of ethics in clear and comprehensive terms. It then examines the 'fault lines' in modern journalism, such as the constant conflict between the public service role of the media, and a journalist's commercial imperative to make a profit.

All chapters have been updated with new examples, and many new cases demonstrating the book's theoretical underpinnings have been drawn from 'yesterday's headlines'. These familiar cases encourage student engagement and classroom discussion, and archived cases will still be available to students on an Online Resource Centre. Expanded coverage of the 'War on Terror', issues of deception within journalism, and infotainment and digital technology is included.
  • Restructuring of chapters which lay the ethical foundations for the book, to increase students' understanding of the theory of journalism ethics
  • Expanded coverage of reporting war and terrorism original chapter has been divided in two to allow for more detailed discussion of the important ethical dilemmas of each
  • New examples and case studies included, with old case studies from previous edition to be archived for student access on an Online Resource Centre
  • The Dialectic in Journalism: Ethics and Philosophy
  • A Political Economy of Journalism Ethics: Ownership, Monopolies, and the Media Marketplace
  • Journalists and Ideology: Freedom of the Press, Accuracy, Balance, Bias, Fairness, and Objectivity
  • On the Fault Line: Regulation and Self-regulation in the Workplace
  • Terrorism and the Media
  • The Media Goes to War
  • Privacy and the Public's Right to Know
  • Trial By Media: Journalism and the Justice System
  • The News Media and the Injustice System
  • Issues of Deception
  • Creating the Storyline, Infotainment and Digital Dilemmas
  • The Last Word? The Future of Journalism Ethics
  • Martin Hirst , Associate Professor, School of Communication Studies, Auckland University of Technology

    Roger Patching , Assocaite Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Bond University, Australia

    Martin Hirst is an Associate Professor at the School of Communication Studies at Auckland University of Technology. Roger Patching is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science at Bond University in Australia.