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ISBN: 9780195557343

Published: 9 Nov 06

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Media Relations

Richard Stanton

Your essential guide to media relations in Australia and New Zealand

The text explains how to compose and deliver messages to the media, and how the media receives the messages and deals with them prior to dissemination. It takes a comprehensive look at the different types of media in Australia and examines how to prepare material for specific outlets.

Grounded in theory
The text combines practical hands-on strategies with a clear analysis of the theories of media relations. Real stakeholder case studies are used as the basis of theoretical argument, which demonstrates how to integrate theory and practice successfully.

Practical strategies and advice

  • Case studies in each chapter demonstrate how media relations work in practice
  • Hands-on advice on how to prepare media material for a diverse range of clients, including corporate, political and governmental, community, not-for-profit and interest groups
  • Local relevance and examples—written specifically for Australian and New Zealand students
  • Shows the step-by-step process of successful message creation and delivery—from designing campaigns, tactics, timelines and budgets, to developing media relationships and writing client prose
  • Identify and manage risk, uncertainty and crisis
  • Measure the success of the message delivery and the media campaign.

Introduction: Building relationships, framing issues

Part One Theories and campaign models
Two theories of media relations
Media relations campaigns: defining campaign strategies and models

Part Two Elements of media relations
Tactical approaches for successful media relations.
Writing client prose
Developing media relationships around news

Part Three Organisations and the basis of practice
Framing the story in a corporate campaign
Government and politics
Community, not-for-profit, and interest groups
Timelines and budgets

Part Four Evaluation and assessment
Risk, uncertainty, and crisis: how to identify and manage them
Measuring successful relationships: approaches to research methods

Richard Stanton , Lecturer, School of Media and Communications, University of Sydney, Australia


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