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ISBN: 9780195567274

Published: 1 Dec 11

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Middle Power Dreaming

Australia in World Affairs 2006-2010

James Cotton, John Ravenhill

This is the eleventh volume in a series initiated and sponsored by the Australian Institute of International Affairs, which has reviewed and analyzed Australian foreign policy from 1950.

This text captures the key characteristics, policy decisions and activities of the Australian government and its diplomatic staff during the past five years. As with previous volumes, there are chapters examining Australia’s major bilateral relationships and central questions in policy-making and execution. There is also coverage of emerging or developing issues: such as relations with Africa and with India, and innovations in the management of policy-making.

1. Middle Power Dreaming: Australian Foreign Policy during the Rudd-Gillard Governments
James Cotton and John Ravenhill

2. The Howard-Downer Legacy: Global Deputy, Regional Sheriff
Geoffrey Barker

3. Back from the Brink: Australia and the Global Economy 2006-10
John Ravenhill

4. Australia-America 2006-2010: Waiting for Obama
James Cotton

5. Australia and China: The Challenges to Forging a ‘True Friendship’
Jian Zhang

6. Australia and Japan: Mobilising the Bilateral Relationship
Rikki Kersten

7. Australia and Europe
Donald Kenyon and David Lee

8. Australia’s Strategic and Commercial engagement with South Asia under Kevin Rudd: The Paradoxes
Marika Vicziany

9. Australia, the Pacific Islands and Timor-Leste
Stewart Firth

10. Progress and Limits in Regional Cooperation: Australia and Southeast Asia
Garry Rodan

11. Australian Foreign Policy towards Africa
Tanya Lyons

12. Plus ça Change? Coalition, Labor and the Challenges of Environmental Foreign Policy
Lorraine Elliott

13. The Australia 2020 Summit as an Experiment in Foreign Policy-making
Melissa H. Conley Tyler and Emma White

14. Defence and Security
Hugh White

15. Australia’s Foreign Policy Machinery
Michael Wesley

16. Regional, Alliance and Global Priorities of the Rudd-Gillard Governments
Andrew O’Neil

James Cotton – Professor of Politics, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of New South Wales, ADFA

John Ravenhill – Professor, Head, School of Politics and International Relations, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University