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ISBN: 9780195562149

Published: 5 Jan 09

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Case Management for Community Practice

Elizabeth Moore

Case Management for Community Practice crosses many disciplines within the human services sector and reflects the diversity of client groups, practitioners and program areas that mark case management. This includes fields of practice, such as rehabilitation and community care in the aged and disability sectors, health, mental health and labour market programs.

A learning resource for students and practitioners, both at the level of pre-qualifying and continued professional education, this book is guided by principles of adult learning, providing material that encourages readers to engage in experiental and reflective practice, as well as providing resources relevant to continued professional development.

  • Case studies throughout to help students relate theory to practical situations.
  • Each chapter ends with reflective questions of two kinds.  One assists readers to capture significant points of learning and the other identifies and reflects on controversial issues for further reading and debate. 
  • Team of experienced authors from institutions around Australia, with each chapter written and edited in a consistent format.

1 Origins, Influences and Challenges of Contemporary Case Management

Part 1: Foundations of Case Management Practice
2 Systems Diversity: Definitions and Archetypes
3 Practice Values, Principles and Ethics
4 Theories that Inform Practice: Toward Client Agency and Autonomy
5 Practice Functions
6 Advocacy: An Overarching Approach

Part 2: Collaborative Practice: Communities, Carers and Organisations
7 Community Integrated Practice: Lessons from Rural Practice
8 Engaging with Communities’ Informal Care and Welfare Practices
9 The Evolution of Person-centred Planning in Supporting People with a Developmental Disability
10 The Inter-organisational Context of Case Management Practice
11 Case Manager Standards and Skills Development

Part 3: Practice Contexts: Approaches And Challenges
12 Emergent Models of Health Care Coordination: Meeting Individual and Community Needs
13 A Human Service Revolution: Community Options and the Home and Community Care Program
14 Case Management and Community Mental Health
15 Don’t Forget the Kids: Working with Families Affected by Parental Mental Illness
16 Defining the ‘Case’ to be ‘Managed’ in Services for Children at Risk of Harm and their Families
17 Case Management within Employment and Rehabilitation Mandates
18 Uses and Abuses of Case Management: A Critical Analysis of Contemporary Practices

Appendix: Excerpts from Ethical Documents of Case Management Australia

Elizabeth Moore , Lecturer in Social Work and Human Services and Course Co-ordinator of Social Welfare, Charles Sturt University, Australia

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