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ISBN: 9780195567014

Published: 7 Oct 10

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In The Field

From Learning To Practice

Jude Irwin, Roslyn Giles, Denise Lynch, Fran Waugh

In the Field explores both the theories and ‘how to’ of practice learning so that students get the most out of the field placement experience. It provides all the relevant information combined with practical activities and examples to allow them to apply their knowledge in a real life setting. The text also tackles the different challenges that are encountered in the field placement helping students to gain skills that can be used throughout their careers in the human services.


Different approach to professional education through practicum process - focus on the learning process rather than prescriptive 'this is how you do practicum' approach

Effective use of case examples, exercises and guides for the work undertaken by budding human service workers

Emphasis on life-long learning - particularly with practice settings

Reflects a changing approach to practicum in Social Work

Part 1. The Context of Practice Learning
1. Exploring the Context of Learning
2. Learning Theories and Practice Learning
3. Mapping the Concept of Transformational Learning in Practice Settings
4. Preparing for Learning in a Practice Setting

Part 2. The Learning Process
5. Beginning the Processes of Learning in Context
6. Guiding, Mentoring, Coaching and Supervising in an Organisational Environment
7. Practice Learning in Groups
8. Evaluation and Assessment: Facing the Challenges

Part 3: Applied Contexts of Practice
9. Practice Learning Opportunities in the Context of Aged Care
10. Practice Learning: Child Wellbeing and Child Protection
11. Practice Learning in Community Mental Health
12. Practice Learning: Refugees and Asylum Seekers
13. About the Aboriginal Experience: From Learning to Practice

Jude Irwin , Associate Professor, Social Work, University of Sydney

Roslyn Giles , Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Policy Studies, University of Sydney

Denise Lynch , Lecturer an Director of Field Education, University of Sydney

Fran Waugh , Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Policy Studies, University of Sydney