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ISBN: 9780195551501

Published: 1 May 08

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A Sociology of Food & Nutrition

The Social Appetite

Third Edition

John Germov, Lauren Williams

A Sociology of Food and Nutrition examines the social context of food and nutrition by exploring the socio-cultural, political, economic, and philosophical factors that influence food production, distribution and consumption. Leading authors in the field provide a contemporary analysis of the social factors that underlie food choice.
  • Each chapter includes: an overview, list of key terms, summaries, discussion and essay questions, and recommended web sites and further reading.
  • New chapters from leading international authors: World Hunger (now authored by Frances Moore Lappé); The Politics of Government Dietary Advice (by Jennifer Lisa Falbe and Marion Nestle); Culinary Cultures of Europe: Food, History, Health and Identity (by Stephen Mennell); and ‘Constructing the Female Body: Dieting, the Thin Ideal and Body Acceptance’ (by Lauren Williams and John Germov).
  • New sociological reflection exercises, which can be used as self-directed or class-based activities that help students to apply their learning.
Part 1: An Appetiser
1. Exploring the Social Appetite: A Sociology of Food and Nutrition – John Germov and Lauren Williams

Part 2: The Food System: Globalisation and Agribusiness
2. World Hunger: Its Roots and Remedies – Frances Moore Lappe
3. Unsustainable Food Production: Its Social Origins and Alternatives – Terry Leahy
4. Agribusiness, Genetic Engineering and the Corporatisation of Food – Geoffrey Lawrence and Janet Grice
5. Operating Upstream and Downstream: How Supermarkets Exercise Power in the Food System – Jane Dixon
Part 3: Food and Nutrition Discourses, Politics, and Policies
6. The Politics of Government Dietary Advice – Jennifer Lisa Falbe and Marion Nestle
7. Functional Foods and Public Health Nutrition Policy – Mark Lawrence and John Germov
9. Risk, Maternal Ideologies, and Infant Feeding – Elizabeth Murphy
10. The Government of the Table: nutrition Expertise and the Social Organisation of Family Food Habits – John Coveney
Part 4 – Food Consumption, Social Differentiation and Identity
11. Culinary Cultures of Europe: Food, History, Health and Identity
12. Food, Class and Identity
13. Humans, Food and Other Animals: The Vegetarian Option
14. Food and Aging
15. Constructing the Female Body: Dieting, the Thin Ideal and Body Acceptance
16. The Social Construction of Eating Disorders
17. Sociological Analysis of the Stigmatisation of Obesity

John Germov , Associate Professor, School of Humanities and Social Science, University of Newcastle, Australia

Dr Lauren Williams , Senior Lecturer, School of Health Sciences, University of Newcastle, Australia

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Teaching Resources
  • Deutsch, J. (ed) 2003, Teaching Food: Agriculture, Food and Society Syllabi and Course Materials Collection, 2nd edn, NY: ASFS/AFHVS.
  • Copelton, D.A. and Lucal, B. (eds) 2004, The Sociology of Food: Syllabi and Instructional Materials, American Sociological Association.
  • Bush Food – Australian Museum Online: http://www.austmus.gov.au/teachers_resources/background/bush_food.htm

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