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ISBN: 9780195564150

Published: 1 Oct 08

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Oxford Literacy A Trip To Shell Beach Guided Reading Pack

Level 13 Oxford Literacy

Carmel Reilly

Oxford Literacy has been designed specifically to support guided reading in the first three years of school. The Oxford Literacy fiction and non-fiction guided reading texts recognise that a guided reading group in a ‘real’ classroom never has every student on the same level; therefore, the texts and supporting teaching versions allow educators to work with small groups of students across a range of levels within their stage of reading.

The teaching version for each text scaffolds the educator through the guided reading session. The focus is on developing students’ ability to use meaning, structure and visual information, to read the supporting visual literacy, and it also includes links to the Oxford Wordlist.

For more information about the Oxford Wordlist, go to www.oup.com.au/thesuccessfulteacher or www.oxfordwordlist.com.


Each Oxford Literacy text includes information on the following:

  • Stage of the reader
  • Text level
  • Word count
  • Text type
  • Theme
  • Oxford Wordlist high frequency words
  • Key visual communicators
  • Purpose of the visuals

The teaching version for each text includes teaching support for the following:

  • Background knowledge – Making links
  • Text genre (fiction or non-fiction)
  • Structure and text features
  • Words and sounds
  • Predicting
  • Meaning, structure and visual information
  • Reading the visuals
  • Links to the Oxford Wordlist