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ISBN: 9780195558487

Published: 15 Oct 07

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Multiliteracies and Diversity in Education

New Pedagogies for Expanding Landscapes

Annah Healy

Exploring multimodal communication as literacy education from a research platform, Multiliteracies and Diversity in Education combines analyses of the changes to communication and pedagogic practice with sound research based activities for multiliteracies classroom projects. The book guides students in developing their knowledge of productive planning and pedagogic shifts, and reveals ways in which all students are able to engage in designing lesson plans and programmes involving new and traditional methods of reading and text construction. It shows how a multiliteracies pedagogic model breaks down the unnatural divides between disciplines, and provides a fresh look at literacy education.


Explores multimodal communication in literacy education from a research platform

  • States with great clarity the general case for a literacy with a broader, multimodal scope and underpinned by an active pedagogy.
  • Combines analysis of the changes to communication and pedagogic practice with sound research-based activities for multiliteracies classroom projects.
Incorporates real-life agendas and literacy activities that make learning relevant and engaging for students
  • Shows how multiliteracies classroom projects can be applied from the first year of schooling.
  • Assists students with planning by giving examples of classroom practice, interspersed with focus questions, scenarios and discussion points.
Depicts cultural and linguistic diversity as productive resources
  • Examines the significance of diversity for multiliteracies pedagogy
  • Highlights the importance of taking a methodical approach to gathering evidence of progress across communication modes and media.

Foreword - Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope

  1. Expanding Student Capacities: Learning by Design Pedagogy - Annah Healy
  2. The Transdisciplinary Potential of Multiliteracies: Bodily Performances and Meaning-Making in Health and Physical Education - Mary Ryan and Tony Rossi
  3. The Intersection of Aboriginal Knowledges, Aboriginal Literacies and New Learning Pedagogy for Aboriginal Students - Karen Martin
  4. 'Art'efacts of Knowing: Multiliteracies and the Arts - Mary Ryan and Annah Healy
  5. Multiliteracies and Pedagogies of New Learning for Students of English as an Additional Language - Karen Dooley
  6. Communities of Learners: Early Years Students, New Learning, Pedagogy and Transformations - Beryl Exley
  7. Closing the Gap: A Multiliteracies Approach to English Language Teaching for 'At-risk' Students in Singapore - Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan
  8. Mobilising Multiliteracies: Pedagogy for Mobile Students - Robyn Henderson





Annah Healy , Lecturer