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ISBN: 9780195573862

Published: 15 Dec 10

Availability: 342

Paperback + CD



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PE: Senior Physical Education for QLD

Crystal Hede, Kate Russell, Ron Weatherby

A new two-year text for Years 11 and 12, with a fresh approach tailored specifically for Queensland's Senior Physical Education course. Incorporating topical research and statistics, striking imagery and the knowledge and expertise of a market-leading author team, this series brings PE to a new generation of students. With an explicit focus on assessment, PE: Senior Physical Education for Queensland will ensure success for your students..

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  • organisation of the text corresponds closely to the new Queensland Physical Educataion syllabus, including the integration and personalisation aspects and Figueroa's Levels in Focus Area C
  • links to online support throughout the book to enhance student understanding
  • the most up-to-date statistics, articles, and latest trends and practices in physical education
  • enhanced 3D artwork and photography
  • revision questions, extension activities and sample assessment at the end of each chapter focus area
  • a variety of activity types including ‘practical’, ‘inquiry’ and ‘research and review’
  • every student book includes an ebook on CD-ROM with enhanced search functionality
Crystal Hede is currently Head of Department for Health and Physical Education at The Glennie School. Crystal is also a Panelist for the Toowoomba district.

Kate Russell is currently Head of Department for Health and Physical Education at St Saviour's College. Kate is also a Panelist for the Toowoomba district.

Ron Weatherby is Head of Department for Health and Physical Education at Lockyer District State High. Ron has been a State Panel Member from 2002 to present. Ron was also a District Review Panel Chair from 1998 to 2002.
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The book is supported online by practical criteria sheets, sample work program and assessment support, and relevant weblinks. Teacher support is password protected, and is available for free to adopting schools. For full access details, contact your local Oxford representative.

The full suite of resources is available to schools that purchase class sets, bookhire or booklist the text

Sample Teacher Resources.

QPE overview of teacher and student material
Sample annotated work program A
Sample annotated work program B
Annotated assessment task - Focus Area C: Sociology of Sport
Authentic badminton skills and drills
Biomechanics presentation 01 - Sample
Chapter 4 Revision questions and answers
Drills template: Water polo
Senior Physical Education 10 work program review checklist
Senior Physical Education 10 work program requirements

Teacher Resources coming soon

Assessment Support

Assessment package
  • Sample assessment task sheet
  • Scaffolding
  • Criteria Sheet

Annotated sample assessment tasks

  • 1 well written task
  • 1 poorly written task

Criteria sheets

  • Theory and Practical criteria sheets
  • Some annotated, showing use of correct syllabus language etc.

Practical Support

Top 10 sports drills
  • A series of articles written by well-known or experienced individuals from various sports. Top 10 sports drills, pitched at an appropriate level for students.

Sample videos

  • Sample narrated videos using authentic footage

Video support

  • How to make a video,how to edit and how to get the best footage.

Teaching support

PowerPoint lesson summaries for each chapter
  • Use chapter summaries to guide text and sequence
  • All diagrams and tables featured in text included
  • Answers for 'Now that you've finished...' revision questions.

Student assessment support:

  • Scaffolding for the 9 assessment pieces in the book (at the end of each Focus Area).
  • A breakdown of how to approach the different types of genres and what they are.

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