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ISBN: 9780195508536

Published: 23 Oct 02

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Mathematics for Queensland Year 12 B

Kiddy Bolger, Rex Boggs, Rhonda Faragher, Mal Shield, Stephen Broderick, John Belward and Scott Adamson

• Syllabus subject matter at the start of each chapter • Text written at appropriate reading level for senior students • Life-related applications • Historical notes • Clearly worked examples which allow students to study independently • Definitions and rules are highlighted • Numerous, well graded exercises • Class discussion topics • Appropriate use of technology using graphics calculator activities which are integrated throughout the text • Problem solving strategies are developed in all topics • Mathematical modeling is integrated throughout the text • Investigations to develop concepts • Statistics using real-life datasets • ‘Words you need to know' section in each chapter • End of chapter review • End of chapter tests • End of chapter extension activities • Cumulative review exercises • An appendix to maintain knowledge and procedures • Glossary. Student's CD Includes: • The complete textbook with links from the detailed contents list • Exercises linked to the answers • End of chapter test worksheets • Chapter review worksheets • Web page links • Spreadsheets to support investigations where appropriate • ‘Words you need to know' linked to the glossary. CONTENTS: Chapter 1: Periodic Functions Chapter 2: Introduction to Integral Calculus Chapter 3: Calculus of Periodic Functions Chapter 4: Probability Chapter 5: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Chapter 6: Revision Exercises for Chapters 1–5 Chapter 7: Financial Mathematics Chapter 8: Calculus of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Chapter 9: Optimisation Using Derivatives Chapter 10: Probability Distributions and Inferential Statistics Chapter 11: Revision Exercises for Chapters 7–10 Glossary Answers
Kiddy Bolger, Rex Boggs, Rhonda Faragher, Mal Shield, Stephen Broderick, John Belward and Scott Adamson