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ISBN: 9780195514407

Published: 15 Aug 02

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Active Science: Skills and Experiments Book 1

Carol Andrews, Satya Naidu, Greg Laidler

Active Science is an activity-driven approach for the first two years of secondary school.


  • Students write in answers to activities and experiments
  • Topics presented in double-page spread formats
  • Observation, hypothesis, experiment and theory are included in each topic
  • Experiments, activities and demonstrations that show students how to carry out scientific study and write standard scientific reports
  • Problem solving activities
  • Review and Research activities
  • Science facts
  • Clear diagrams and photographs
  • Puzzles and crosswords
  • A glossary of key words
  • Experiments and activities are designed to reduce teacher preparation time and reduce photocopying expenses
  • Ideal for homework activities
  • Hole punched for easy storage in a folder
  • Ideal for homework activities


Benefits to teachers

  • The text can be used in conjunction with any other course book or as a stand-alone course
  • Each section is a complete lesson with a concise summary of the theory on the topic, science facts, demonstrations, practical experiments and write-in activities, questions and scientific reports
  • Each chapter closes with a Review and Research activity, which will help students review the theories they’ve just learnt in the chapter, and provide them with extension experiments and problem-solving questions
  • Queensland syllabus references have been provided to assist teachers in the implementation of this material


Book 1
Contents: Skills, Processes and Procedures
Chapter 1 Starting Science
Chapter 2 Investigating Chemical Science
Chemical Science
Chapter 3 The Particle Idea
Chapter 4 Separating Mixture
Biological Science
Chapter 5 Cells
Chapter 6 Classification of Living Things
Physical Science
Chapter 7 Force: Pushes and Pulls
Chapter 8 Light, Sound and Heat Energy
Earth and Space Science
Chapter 9 Wearing away the Earth
Chapter 10 Our Neighbours in Space