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ISBN: 9780195566260

Published: 16 Oct 09

Availability: 962

Paperback + CD



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Biology In Context: The Spectrum Of Life

Third Edition

Dr Eileen Kennedy, Dr Peter Aubusson, Peter Hickman

The definitive NSW biology textbook, Biology in Context, has been completely revised and updated for the publication of its Third Edition in 2009. Written by biologists and biology teachers, Biology in Context 3rd Edition is the authoritative biology textbook for Preliminary and HSC students. With cutting edge content and new developments in biology covered, seamless adherence to the syllabus and tried-and-tested investigations, Biology in Context 3rd Edition will ensure success for more of your biology students. A brand new design with stunning photographic and illustrative sources will ensure greater accessibility for all students whilst the two-year format offers flexibility and encourages ongoing revision.

Review by STANSW publication SEN

  • Content fully revised and updated to acknowledge new developments in biology
  • Extensive syllabus cross-referencing to ensure that content mirrors syllabus
  • Exam questions updated and linked to syllabus outcomes
  • Tried and tested investigations
  • Flexible two-year book 
  • Includes two options: Genetics and Communications
  • Other options available FREE on CD


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  • Ecosystems
  • Patterns in Nature
  • Life on Earth
  • Evolution of Australian Biota
  • Maintaining a Balance
  • The Blueprint of Life
  • The Search for Better Health
  • Genetics: the Code Broken
  • Communication
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Biology in Context Third Edition is supported by free student revision tools.

Interactive whiteboard activities


Parts of a cell





Multiple Choice Questions


Chapter 1: Ecosystems (29 questions)
Chapter 2: Patterns in nature (30 questions)
Chapter 3: Life on Earth (30 questions)
Chapter 4: Evolution of Australian biota (30 questions)
Chapter 5: Maintaining a balance (30 questions)
Chapter 6: The blueprint of life (30 questions)
Chapter 7: The search for better health (30 questions)