Maths Skills for Success at University

Kathy Brady, Tiffany Winn

Maths Skills for Success at University

Kathy Brady, Tiffany Winn






16 Oct 2017




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Maths Skills for Success at University is an easy-to-use guide for students to prepare themselves for the essential mathematics skills they need to succeed at university, including:

  • Creating graphs and charts for assignments
  • Using statistics for research projects
  • Understanding the importance of accurate measurements for experiments or recipes.
This book is a comprehensive reference and revision guide that will provide you with the essential maths skills to  conquer maths in class. The book is full of Australian examples preparing you for the maths you will encounter in your everyday life and while studying. It will give you the confidence to succeed and proves maths is not as scary as  you think.

Learning Features

  • Chapter opening objectives outline the key things you can learn from each chapter and are followed by a chapter opening examples which provides real life illustrations of the maths skills.
  • Fully worked examples of a wide-range of problems are accompanied by further similar examples for you to practice your understanding of each concept.
  • Guided Practice Exercises help you fill in the blanks and work things out yourself to ensure you truly understand each concept. Solutions provided at the end of the book.
  • Critical thinking non-standard problems designed to improve mathematical reasoning and build a deeper understanding of each subject.
  • Margin notes include definitions of key terms and ‘making connections’ which to point to related topics in other sections of the book.
  • Summary points at the end of each chapter revise key concepts or skills that should have been gained from the chapter.
  • End of chapter review questions ensure readers can check they’ve understood all the key concepts and skills, with answers at the end of the book.


  1. It’s not as scary as you think!      
  2. Whole number fundamentals    
  3. Properties of whole numbers    
  4. Directed Numbers          
  5. Fractions              
  6. Decimals and Percentages          
  7. Ratio and Proportion      
  8. Exponents and Logarithms          
  9. Algebra fundamentals  
  10. Graphs and charts                          
  11. Geometry                          
  12. Measurement  
  13. Algebra: Solving Equations          
  14. Straight line graphs        
  15. Statistics              
  16. Counting and Probability


Kathy Brady was previously the Head of the Student Learning Centre at Flinders University  
Tiffany Winn is a Lecturer and Academic Advisor at the Student Learning Centre at Flinders University