Diversity, Inclusion And Engagement eBook

6 month licence access

Fourth Edition

Edited by Mervyn Hyde, Shelley Dole, Kathleen Tait

Diversity, Inclusion And Engagement eBook

6 month licence access

Fourth Edition

Edited by Mervyn Hyde, Shelley Dole, Kathleen Tait




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13 Sep 2021




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Embed the principles and practices of inclusion into your students’ learning experiences.

Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement presents a clear, socially oriented approach to understanding and developing inclusive education. It prepares pre-service teachers for diverse classrooms and helps them develop strategies to engage students with varying backgrounds, needs and abilities.

This new edition has been updated to reflect changes in legislation, policy, regulation, curriculum, research and practice. It takes a fresh look at what inclusion means and explores the disadvantages or limitations that prevent children fully participating in education. Retaining a strong focus on student engagement, it addresses areas that are proving challenging for teachers in engaging all students in inclusive learning environments: a greater number of children from immigrant families, the increasing impact of poverty in Australia, and the influence of technology on education.

With extensive learning features that blend theoretical issues and context with practical skills, this book provides pre-service teachers and others with the knowledge and understanding to manage classroom challenges and develop inclusive learning environments.


  • Updated research to align with legislation, policy and curriculum changes since the last edition.
  • Three new chapters:
    • Chapter 3: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
    • Chapter 5: Gender, Inclusivity and Engagement
    • Chapter 17: Participation in What, and with Which Outcomes? Pedagogic Rights and the Purposes of Education  
  • Coverage of a broad range of topics with a stronger focus on students with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and with English as a second language.
  • Reconceptualisation of behavioural issues and whether they are a concern in themselves or are associated with a primary disability, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Updated Stories from the Classroom, Effective Practice, Apply your Knowledge, and Pause and Reflect questions provide students with current examples of how to implement inclusive education theory in practice.


PART 1: Setting the Scene

1. Understanding Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement

2. Australian Schools, Policy and Legislation in Perspective

PART 2: Embracing Diversity

3. Linguistic and Cultural Diversity

4. Indigenous Perspectives and Cultural Identity

5. Gender, Inclusivity and Engagement

PART 3: Supporting Diverse Learning Needs in the Classroom

6. Understanding How to Support Students with Literacy Difficulties

7. Assisting Children with Learning Difficulties in Mathematics

8. Challenging Behaviour in the Inclusive Classroom

9. Supporting Students with Complex Communication Needs

10. Supporting Students with Intellectual Disabilities

11. Understanding Vision Impairment

12. Understanding Hearing Loss

13. Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

14. Supporting Diverse Gifted Students

15. Understanding Physical Impairment in Young Children

16. Supporting Mental Health and Well-being: Promotion, Prevention and Intervention

PART 4: Creating Diverse and Inclusive Schools

17. Participation in What, and with Which Outcomes? Pedagogic Rights and the Purposes of Education

18. Accommodating Transitions across the Years

19. Creating Inclusive Schools


Mervyn Hyde AM is Emeritus Professor of Education at Griffith University and Adjunct Professor of Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Shelley Dole is a Professor and Head of the School of Education and Tertiary Access at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Kathleen Tait is an Associate Professor in Educational Psychology at Macquarie University

Lecturer Resources

The following resources are available for lecturers who prescribe Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement, fourth edition, for their course:

  • An updated Instructor's Resource Manual containing new teaching ideas to support your face-to-face and online classes.

For more information about these resources please contact your Oxford Learning Resource Consultant.