It's Arts Play

Young Children Belonging, Being and Becoming Through the Arts

Second Edition

Judith Dinham, Beryl Chalk

It's Arts Play

Young Children Belonging, Being and Becoming Through the Arts

Second Edition

Judith Dinham, Beryl Chalk






12 Sep 2022




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It’s Arts Play: Young Children Belonging, Being and Becoming through the Arts will introduce you to Arts education in early childhood, highlighting the range of ways the Arts can impact education and development. It incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which offers a holistic concept of children’s learning and is framed around core themes of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

The second edition of this Australian textbook provides well-focused, comprehensive and sound practical guidance for authentic play-based practice across the five subjects identified as part of the Arts in the Australian Curriculum: dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts.

This textbook is a valuable resource for students in all stages of early childhood or primary education study, as well as for early childhood educators.


  • Ideas and commentary from the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Declaration, which emphasises the importance of meeting the individual needs of all learners, and outlines education’s role in supporting the wellbeing, mental health and resilience of young people.
  • Contemporary theoretical information, foregrounding social justice and its interrelation with arts education in early childhood
  • Margin notes with useful terminology to help you construct a professional vocabulary.
  • Practical 'sparkers’ include ideas to get you started as you develop your own knowledge and experience of the Arts in education.
  • Incorporation of authentic Indigenous voices throughout the text, offering insights that help Arts educators to interact with Indigenous arts in culturally sensitive ways.

*Please note the online resources referred to in the video are a list of related web links included in the content of the book


Part 1 Children’s learning through the Arts

  • Chapter 1. Setting the context
  • Chapter 2. The nature of learning in and through the Arts
  • Chapter 3. How arts experiences contribute to children’s growth and development
  • Chapter 4. Belonging: How children belong through the Arts
  • Chapter 5. Being: How children experience being themselves through the Arts
  • Chapter 6. Becoming: Ways in which children become their future selves through the Arts

Part 2 Educating through the Arts

  • Chapter 7. Learning experiences in Dance
  • Chapter 8. Learning experiences in Drama
  • Chapter 9. Learning experiences in Media Arts
  • Chapter 10. Learning experiences in Music
  • Chapter 11. Learning experiences in Visual Arts
  • Chapter 12. Learning experience across the age groups

Part 3 The Professional at Work

  • Chapter 13. Arts Pedagogies
  • Chapter 14. Monitoring, documenting and assessing arts learning
  • Chapter 15. Planning for arts learning


Judith Dinham is an Associate Professor and Director of Learning and Teaching, School of Education, Curtin University.

Beryl Chalk is a retired academic, School of Education, Curtin University.

Lecturer Resources

The following resources are available for lecturers who prescribe this title for their course:

  • Extra learning activities for tutorials.
  • A list of children’s literature to use when teaching the Arts.
  • Web links and an image bank to use for further reading and resources.

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