Numeracy In Early Childhood Education

Shared Contexts For Teaching And Learning

Agnes Macmillan

Numeracy In Early Childhood Education

Shared Contexts For Teaching And Learning

Agnes Macmillan






25 Aug 2009


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Numeracy in Early Childhood covers all the topics which are important for students studying to become early childhood practitioners. This Australian text focuses on using everyday language and objects, and predominantly play-based pedagogy in teaching, and provides practical models and guides to facilitate numeracy education. By framing a subject such as mathematics within a sociocultural perspective, the book shows how these everyday interactions can shape young children’s mathematical thinking.

Key features

  • Uses illustrated examples which will demonstrate and analyse both good and bad examples of practice.
  • Assists the students in developing favourable attitudes to maths both for themselves and in the children whom they are educating.
  • Linked to Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers’ (AAMT) Standards for Excellence.
  • Covers 0-8 age range and links prior-to-school and school contexts and learning.


List of Figures 
List of Tables 
1. Introduction: Towards an Inclusive Philosophy and Practice for Early Childhood Numeracy Education 
2. Shared Contexts for Teaching and Learning Numeracy 
3. Children Becoming Numerate 
4. The Role of Language in Learning 
5. Managing the Resources of the Community 
6. The Acquisition of a Numerate Identity 
7. Professional Knowledge 
8. Using the Language of Mathematics 
9. Responsive and Restrictive Teaching Practices 
10. Assessing Children’s Mathematical Learning Potential 
11. Approaches to Planning in Numeracy Education 
12. Catering for Individual Learning Potential and Cultural Diversity 
13. Ben’s Acquisition of a Numerate Identity at School 
Appendix 1 Definitions of Bishop’s Mathematical Activities
Appendix 2 Definitions of Intrinsic and Interpersonal Motivations
Appendix 3 Linguistic Evidence of Mathematics Concepts
Appendix 4 Children’s Engagement in Mathematics
Appendix 5 Working Mathematically Indicators
Appendix 6 Early Numeracy Test
Appendix 7 Pólya’s Problem-Solving Model
Appendix 8 The Taxonomy of Problem-Solving Heuristics
Appendix 9 Content Overview
Appendix 10 A Model of a Concept-Based Plan
Appendix 11 Literature-Based Unit of Work on Position Concepts
Appendix 12 Mathematics Program Proforma
Appendix 13 Foundation and Transition Level Number Outcomes and Indicators
Appendix 14 Assessment Record Sheet for Foundation and Transition Level Number


Agnes Macmillan - Educational consultant

Agnes Macmillan taught early mathematics/numeracy in early childhood teacher education courses over a number of years and has published and presented internationally in this area.