Learning Connections in Primary Schools

Second Edition

Barbara Poston-Anderson


Learning Connections in Primary Schools

Second Edition

Barbara Poston-Anderson






10 Sep 2012


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Drama: Learning Connections in Primary Schools is a comprehensive resource, designed to help students learn how to teach drama and successfully integrate it with other areas of the curriculum. Enhanced with rich pedagogy, this book combines a solid coverage of theory with practical strategies for using drama as a learning tool. The book also contains a wealth of activities that pre-service teachers can take into the classroom and use with confidence.


Section 1: Drama in Learning ContextsPart 1: Introducing Drama: Parameters and Possibilities
1: Describing Drama
2: The Drama Mentor Prepares

Part 2: Maximising Learning: Drama In The Curriculum
3: Systematic Planning for Drama
4: Integrated Learning through Drama
5: Social Learning through Drama

Section 2: Drama Blocks for LearninhPart 3: Realising Drama: Developing the Senses
6: Sense of Self
7: Sense of Others
8: Sense of Drama

Part 4: Activating Alternatives: Shaping Drama Experiences
9: Improvising, Role Playing and Playbuilding
10: Story Making, Telling and Dramatising
11: Puppet Making, Operating and Presenting
Part 5: Appreciating Drama: Performance Perspectives
12: Readers' Theatre: Scripting and Staging
13: Children's Theatre: Playwriting, Directing and Performing
14: Theatrical Traditions: Appreciating and Responding

Section 3: Drama Connections with Technology
Part 6: Extending Drama: Uses of Technology
15: Emerging Technologies: Implications for Drama Education


Barbara Poston-Anderson - Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney

Student Resources

The following resources are available for students using Drama: Learning Connections in Primary Schools: