Teaching, Learning and Assessment eBook

Steps Towards Creative Practice

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Charles Kivunja

Teaching, Learning and Assessment eBook

Steps Towards Creative Practice

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Charles Kivunja






2 Apr 2015




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Teaching, Learning and Assessment presents a new vision for curriculum and pedagogy.  It helps pre-service, beginning or practising teachers develop a deep understanding of how teaching, learning and assessment are inextricably linked with curriculum and holistic education. The author’s approach stems from a belief that through  quality teaching and the provision of effective learning  environments,  every child is able to achieve their best at school.

This book is rich with practical teaching strategies and focuses on embedding digital technologies into as many aspects of teaching practice as possible. For instance, the book considers new ways of utilizing social media technologies as part of the learning, teaching and assessment continua, rather than simply as conversational devices.


  • Draws on well-researched and well-grounded fields of study into teaching effectiveness
  • Incorporates a wide range of tools to help teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Rich with case studies, classroom scenarios and instructional strategies to help readers become more effective teachers, and lifelong learners themselves.


Part 1: Becoming an Effective Teacher in the Digital Economy

1. Models of Learning and Best Practice Pedagogy 
2. Creating an Effective Teaching, Learning and Assessment Environment 
3. The Key Purposes, Principles, Types and Strategies of Assessment 
Part 2: Teaching in a Constructivist Classroom

4. Direct Teacher Instruction in a Constructivist Classroom  
5. Whole-class Discussion as an Effective Teaching Strategy 
6. Whole-Class Explanation as an Effective Teaching Strategy 
7. Questioning as an Effective Teaching Strategy   
8. Assessment as an Effective Teaching Strategy in Direct Teacher Instruction 
Part 3: Teaching Strategies to Maximise Student Engagement

9. Cooperative Learning in the Primary Classroom 
10. Rich Tasks and Deep Learning 
11. Using Authentic Assessment for Rich Tasks and Deep Learning 
12. Relationships Between Authentic Assessment and Quality Teaching Models 
13. Assessment Record Keeping and Reporting 
14. Assessment as the Feedback Loop in an Effective Integrated Pedagogy 
Part 4: Active Learning and Critical Thinking in Inclusive Classrooms in the Digital Age

15. The Use of Graphic Organisers to Enhance Critical Thinking 
16. Embedding ICT and Social Media Technologies in Curriculum 
17. How to Become the Teacher You Want to Be in the Digital World


Charles Kivunja is a Senior Lecturer of Learning and Teaching in the School of Education at the University of New England

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