Integrating Human Service Law, Ethics and Practice eBook

Fourth Edition

Rosemary Kennedy, Jenny Richards, Tania Leiman

Integrating Human Service Law, Ethics and Practice eBook

Fourth Edition

Rosemary Kennedy, Jenny Richards, Tania Leiman






22 Jun 2016




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An introduction to the law for human services, the fourth edition of Integrating Human Service Law, Ethics and Practice offers an overview of the legal processes encountered in practice. The text offers an accessible discussion of law and ethics to provide students with an understanding of the Australian legal landscape and an understanding of human service ethics.

The new edition provides an inclusive approach to teaching law and ethics to students, easily demonstrating how to translate the theory into practice. Written by an expert author team, the book provides a unified understanding on the relationship between law, ethics and human practice.

Features of this edition:

  • Improved book navigation, including a table in the introduction relating populations and issues to the relevant chapters.
  • Fully updated law and human services material, with ‘Law in Practice’ boxes highlighting relevant and interesting cases.
  • Chapter objectives, Reflect and Law in Practice boxes, and Key Points for Practice prepare students to understand the connections between legal processes and ethical considerations.


    List of Figures and Tables
    Authors’ Acknowledgments
    Publisher Acknowledgments

  1. Introduction
  2. About this book: Its origins and aims
    Our audience
    Defining the human services
    Assumptions about legal knowledge
    Book structure: Finding material
    Positions reiterated and elaborated

    Part 1: Relationship between Human Service Practice,Law and Ethics

  3. Law and the Human Services: Together and Apart
  4. Client problems and beyond
    Integration: Who, what and why?
    Human service client, worker, and agency issues
    Intersection and overlap between law and human services
    Human services in a risk society
    Law and human services: An uneasy coexistence
  5. Law, Ethics, and Other Factors in Decision Making
  6. Integrating legal and other imperatives in human service practice
    The exercise of decision- making power and administrative law principles
    Influences on human service worker decision making
    These influences in interaction
    Making integrated decisions in practice

    Part 2: Legal Obligations, Rights, and Regulationof Human Service Workers
  7. Professional, Business, and Employment Matters
  8. Behind the scenes of service delivery
    Professional profile
    Taking care of business
    Contract law
    Contracts and the human services
    Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth)
  9. Managing Information
  10. What does ‘managing information’ mean?
    Interaction of human service practice, ethics and law
    Collecting (or acquiring) and amending personal information
    Recording information
    Storing information
    Permitting or denying access to information
    Legal imperatives to protect information
    Legal imperatives to disclose information or permit access to it
    Electronic and digital records and communications
  11. Courts, Tribunals, and the Human Service
  12. Images and anxieties
    Courts, similar bodies, and dispute resolution
    Scope of human service activity in courts and tribunals
    Range of courts
    Range of tribunals
    Ombudsmen and complaints bodies
    Court processes, evidence, and witnesses
    Preparing court and tribunal reports
    Preparing to appear
    Giving evidence
    Accompanying others attending court
  13. Getting It Wrong
  14. Accountable practice
    More than a legal duty of care
    Incompetence, mishaps, breaking the rules, and more
    Rules and standards of conduct in the human services
    Complaints and investigatory bodies
    A mosaic of expectations, risks and possible outcomes

    Part 3: Service Delivery: Diverse Populationsand Jurisdictions

  15. Crimes and Victims
  16. Introducing the criminal justice system
    Criminal law in Australia
    Assisting people charged with offences
    Indigenous Australians and the criminal law
    Young people and the criminal law
    Victims of crime
    Criminal law and family violence
  17. Families and Children
  18. An interdisciplinary perspective required
    Child protection in Australia
    Child protection proceedings
    Family Law
    Family law and arrangements for children
    Family violence and family law
    Property orders
    Child support
  19. Housing and Finance
  20. The law and more
    Income support
    Complaints, review and appeal
    Income management (IM)
    Debt management
    Consumer protection
    Housing, homelessness and accommodation
  21. Diversity and Vulnerability
  22. Rights, needs and protections
    Facilitating social well- being through law
    Guardianship and administration
    Mental illness
    Refugees and asylum seekers
    Emerging matters of vulnerability, difference and the law
  23. Back to the Beginning while Facing the Future
  24. Contradictions and volatility in the big picture
    Implications for the human services
    In pursuit of confidence with law and justice partnerships
    Accomplished human service work and workers 
    Appendix: Finding, Reading, and Citing Law 
    Finding and reading an Act of Parliament 
    How to find cases 
    How to read cases Citing legislation and cases Index


Rosemary Kennedy, psychologist working in professional regulation and human service consultant
Jenny Richards, Lecturer, Flinders Law School, Flinders University

Tania Leiman, Senior Lecturer, Flinders Law School, Flinders University

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Chapter 2: Law and the Human Services: Together and Apart