Clinical and Fieldwork Placement in the Health Professions

Second Edition

Karen Stagnitti, Adrian Schoo, Dianne Welch

Clinical and Fieldwork Placement in the Health Professions

Second Edition

Karen Stagnitti, Adrian Schoo, Dianne Welch






19 Apr 2013




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A logical approach takes you from student to health professional

Part 1 covers broader issues such as getting ready for placement, your role, rights and responsibilities, supervision, assessment and working in teams. Part 2 provides information on a variety of clinical fieldwork placement settings, and how to prepare for each. Part 3 helps you transition from student to fieldwork educator and includes information about recruiting students back to your workplace.

Encourages multidisciplinary practice

The key to good health practice is to have all health professionals working together successfully with shared skills in reflective practice and in engaging clients in care. This text uses clinical examples to demonstrate interdisciplinary teamwork in action, and encourages reflective and ethical practice.

Includes advice from a wide range of contributors

Great depth and diversity of experience from health practitioners across Australia provides a well-rounded approach to your fieldwork experience, including interviews with clinical supervisors from nursing and allied health professions.


  • New chapter, ‘Working in Palliative Care’
  • New chapter, ‘Becoming a Reflective Practitioner’
  • Portfolio development exercises, which help to shape a student’s clinical portfolio
  • More detail on competency standards for students on placement
  • A ‘supervisor profile’ (interview) within each chapter of Part 2 shows students the role of the supervisor and the supervisor’s expectations during placement.


Part 1: Issues for Practice

1. Getting Ready for Placement
2. The Three Rs: Roles, Rights and Responsibilities
3. Becoming a Reflective Practitioner
4. Models of Supervision
5. Making the Most of Your Fieldwork Learning Opportunity

6. Assessment of Clinical Learning
7. A model for Alternative Fieldwork
8. Interprofessional Learning in the Field: Multidisciplinary Teamwork
9. Learning from Failure
10. Using Digital Technology for Knowledge Transfer
11. Fostering Partnerships with Action
12. Supporting People’s Decision-Making

13. Working in Palliative Care

Part 2: Contexts of Practice

14. Working in Diverse Settings
15. Working with Mothers and Babies
16. Working with Children and Families
17. Working in Acute Settings
18. Working with Older People
19. Working in Mental Health
20. Working in Workplace Practice
21. Working in Private Practice
22. Working in Rural and Remote Settings
23. Working in Indigenous Health Settings

Part 3: Transition to Practice

24. You Become the Supervisor
25. Starting Out in Supervision
26. Health Workforce Recruitment and the Impact of Fieldwork Placements


Karen Stagnitti — Professor and Personal Chair in the Occupational Science and Therapy Program, School of Health and Social Development, Deakin University
Adrian Schoo — Professor Rural Allied Health Education, Flinders Innovation in Clinical Education, School of Medicine, Flinders University
Dianne Welch — Director of Clinical Studies, School of Nursing, Deakin University

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Chapter 1: Getting Ready for Placement