Sports Law

Fourth Edition

David Thorpe, Antonio Buti, Paul Jonson, Jack Anderson

Sports Law

Fourth Edition

David Thorpe, Antonio Buti, Paul Jonson, Jack Anderson






12 May 2022




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An engaging and accessible analysis of Australian and international sports law. 

Sports Law introduces the body of law that regulates all sporting activities in Australia. It examines the areas of law that apply to sport including governance, torts, criminal liability, intellectual property, marketing, behavioural misconduct, doping, trade and competition. Using an accessible approach with strong pedagogical features to support learning, this book is suitable for a broad range of fields, such as law, business and sports management.

The fourth edition is updated to reflect major legislative and case law changes in sports law, and has extensive content on corruption, gambling and doping. It offers a comprehensive analysis of Australian and related international sports law, helping you understand how the law applies to different sporting activities.


1. Introduction

2. Organisational Structure and Governance

3. Sport Tribunals

4. Violence

5. Negligence and Civil Liability

6. Intentional Torts, Insurance and Risk Management

7. Corruption and Gambling in Sport

8. Doping

9. Employment

10. Agency

11. Trade and Competition

12. Intellectual Property

13. Marketing

14. Athlete Selection

15. Behavioural Misconduct

16. Discrimination

17. Children


David Thorpe lectures in Sports Law in the School of Law at the University of Sydney.

Dr Antonio Buti is a Minister in the Western Australian Government and former academic.

Associate Professor Paul Jonson is the Governance and Constitution Consultant for Oceania Rugby and a former Sports Law lecturer in the Business School at the University of Technology Sydney.

Professor Jack Anderson teaches Sports Law at the University of Melbourne and is a member of the National Sports Tribunal of Australia.

Lecturer Resources

The following resources are available for lecturers who prescribe Sports Law for their course:

  • Instructor’s Resource Manual with short answer questions to support tutorial classes or at home study.