Environmental Law

Second Edition

Lee Godden, Jacqueline Peel, Jan McDonald

Environmental Law

Second Edition

Lee Godden, Jacqueline Peel, Jan McDonald









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Meeting today’s environmental challenges through law and governance

Environmental Law provides an interdisciplinary framework for understanding and practising environmental law in Australia, with a focus on the key dimensions—principles, governance, regulation, and implementation and compliance—that shape its development.

Now in its second edition, this book examines the multifaceted roles of law in the environmental area and provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the structure of environmental law in an Australian and global context.

New to this edition

  • Updated to incorporate major legal developments across all Australian jurisdictions
  • Explores relevant international developments such as the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement
  • Updated to include new case studies and examples that help illustrate underlying principles of environmental law, governance and regulation
  • Updated review questions in each chapter to help assess understanding
  • Includes new chapters:
    • ‘Principles of Environmental Law’ (Ch. 2) examines ecologically sustainable development (ESD) and emerging principles
    • ‘Implementation and Compliance’ (Ch. 5) focuses on strategies and mechanisms for implementation of, compliance with, and enforcement of environmental laws


1. Introducing environmental law: multidisciplinary foundations and scope
2. Principles of environmental law
3. Governance and actors in environmental law
4. Environmental regulation and tools
5. Implementation and compliance
6. Science and expertise in environmental law
7. Global dimensions of environmental law
8. Future directions


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