Exploring Leadership

Second Edition

Richard Bolden, Beverley Hawkins, Jonathan Gosling

Exploring Leadership

Second Edition

Richard Bolden, Beverley Hawkins, Jonathan Gosling






5 Apr 2023




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Global, multi-faceted, and applied: the most contemporary introduction to leadership, which considers individual, organizational, and societal perspectives.

Providing a robust and engaging overview of the leadership field, Exploring Leadership is a highly practical and insightful guide that supports the personal and professional development of both aspiring and experienced leaders. Investigating the complex dynamics of power, identity and purpose in organizations and wider society, this essential resource critically examines significant global issues such as diversity and inclusion, the environmental crisis, and recent Covid-19 pandemic to reveal the systemic nature of leadership in a complex and ever-changing world.

Fascinating topics are brought to life through a variety of international examples and case studies, such as ancestral leadership in Maori communities; consideration of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky as a transformational leader; and leadership paradoxes in the Singaporean Civil Service. Individual and group exercises will also stimulate you as an emerging leader, as you consider how you may apply the key theoretical concepts in your future careers.

The following additional resources are also available to students:
Visual matrix mapping the key theories and themes explored in the text.
Skills development guidance.
Links to further videos for each chapter (students).
Template for reflective activities.

Adopting lecturers will have access to the following teaching support resources:
Tutorial suggestions for in-class activities
PowerPoint presentations
Links to further videos for each chapter (lecturers).

Key features:

- A range of original exercises, activities and resources (for both face-to-face and online courses), that support the development of practical skills as well a critical understanding of leadership.

- Examples will be complemented by a range of mini case studies authored by invited contributors from around the world, in order to increase diversity and international relevance and appeal.

- Exploration of a range of significant global issues, such as the environmental crisis, Covid-19, inequality and Brexit that extend beyond organisational boundaries to reveal the systemic nature of leadership in a complex and changing world and which will be explored from a variety of perspectives.

- Illustrates the importance of critical reflection on the intersection of personal and professional identities, subsequently developing the capacity of readers to reframe their understanding of what it means to be an ethical, inclusive, and effective leader.

New to this edition:

- Now vastly enriched with a range of pedagogical features throughout, which develop a reader's capacity for critical thinking and reflection in relation to leadership theory and practice across a range of contexts.

- Carefully-curated digital learning resources - including videos introductions to each chapter, multiple-choice questions, and a flashcard glossary - have been designed to further stimulate, assess and consolidate learning.

- Available as an e-book with links to the bespoke digital resources, providing a more engaging and flexible learning experience.

- Widely updated to reflect the very latest research and coverage of important topics such as diversity and inclusion; ethical leadership; leading movements of protests and rebellion; and leadership traits and competencies.

Digital formats and resources:

The second edition is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is supported by online resources.

The e-book gives students the flexibility to support their learning in ways that work best for them; resources include links to author videos which offer pithy introductions to each chapter, multiple-choice questions, a flashcard glossary and more.


Part 1 - Mapping the Terrain
1: Introduction: Exploring leadership
2: Theoretical perspectives on leadership
Part 2 - Individual Perspectives
3: Leadership traits, styles, and competencies
4: The emotional dynamics of leadership
Part 3 - Organizational Perspectives
5: 1. Leading strategy, change, and performance in organizations
6: Power, politics, culture, and toxicity in organizations
Part 4 - Societal Perspectives
7: Community, national culture, and place
8: Grand challenges: Leading the issues that matter
Part 5 - Cross-Cutting and Emerging Perspectives
9: Gender and inclusion, digital disruption, and ethics
10: Conclusion: Where next for leadership studies?


Richard Bolden

Beverley Hawkins

Jonathan Gosling

Richard Bolden is Professor of Leadership and Management at Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, and Director of Bristol Leadership and Change Centre Beverley Hawkins is Associate Professor of Leadership and Organisation Studies and Associate Academic Dean for Students at the University of Exeter Business School. Jonathan Gosling is Emeritus Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter, having been Chair and Director of the Centre for Leadership Studies there for 12 years.