Feature Writing

Third Edition

Stephen Tanner, Nick Richardson, Molly Kasinger

Feature Writing

Third Edition

Stephen Tanner, Nick Richardson, Molly Kasinger






16 Oct 2017




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Feature Writing will teach the vital nuts-and-bolts of writing while demonstrating how to apply those skills across a range of styles. An analysis of the different types of writing, from columns to obituaries, provides students with the practical skills to apply themselves to any genre and opens up range of potential career opportunities.

The third edition will show students the value of research and structure when writing stories, demonstrate how to navigate potential legal and ethical issues and teach them how to market their work. The book shares experiences from some of Australia's best-known journalists who reveal the challenges and strategies behind their award-winning feature writing.

New to this Edition:

  • New Chapters:
    • Digital Features
    • Investigative Journalism
  • Part C: Reviews includes new material across music, theatre, television, film, video games, books, interiors and makeovers.


  1. Introduction
  2. Part A: Mastering the Techniques

  3. Digital Features
  4. Preliminary Work
  5. Research the Story
  6. Interviewing
  7. Interpreting Your Data
  8. Developing Writing Techniques
  9. Getting into Character
  10. Ethical Concerns
  11. Legal Pitfalls
  12. Editing and Polishing Your Work
  13. Selling Your Story
  14. Profiles
  15. Part B: Different Styles

  16. Profiles
  17. Issues-based Features
  18. Investigative Journalism
  19. Sports Features
  20. Columns
  21. Part C: Reviews (with introduction)

  22. Travel
  23. Food
  24. Drink
  25. Television, film, video games and books
  26. Music and Theatre
  27. Visual and Decorative Arts
  28. Interiors and Makeovers
  29. Technology
  30. Motor Vehicles


Stephen Tanner - Professor of Journalism, University of Wollongong

Nick Richardson - Writer and Academic

Molly Kasinger - Writer and Editor