Interpersonal Communication: Concepts, Skills and Contexts

Fourteenth Edition

Kathleen S. Verderber, Erina L. MacGeorge


Interpersonal Communication: Concepts, Skills and Contexts

Fourteenth Edition

Kathleen S. Verderber, Erina L. MacGeorge






30 Nov 2015




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Designed to help students explore interactions in both personal and professional domains, and develop the specific skills necessary to creating and maintaining healthy relationships, Inter-Act: Interpersonal Communication Concepts, Skills, and Contexts, fourteenth edition, retains the features that have made this book so successful: a theory driven and skills-based focus, an accessible tone and presentation, and a multitude of useful pedagogical tools. For this edition, new co-author Erina MacGeorge has brought her in-depth knowledge of current theory to bear on each chapter, thoroughly updating the material so that it reflects the current state of knowledge in the discipline.

Lively and well-written, Inter-Act features numerous activities that enable students to relate their everyday experiences to their studies in communication. It also addresses readers' experiences of communicating across differences in individual identity, gender, and culture. With a strong focus on the importance of ethics, this leading text encourages students to develop their analytic abilities as they think critically about key concepts in interpersonal communication.


Part I: Understanding Interpersonal Communication

1. An Orientation to Interpersonal Communication

2. Social Cognition: Understanding Others and Ourselves

3. Intercultural Communication

4. Verbal Messages

5. Nonverbal Messages

6. Communication in the Life Cycle of Relationships

Part II: Developing Interpersonal Communication Skills

7. Listening Effectively

8. Holding Effective Conversations

9. Supporting Others

10. Using Interpersonal Influence

11. Managing Conflict

Part III: Using Communication Skills to Improve Relationships

12. Communicating in Intimate Relationships: Long-Term Romantic Relationships, Family, and Friends

13. Communication in Workplace Relationships

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Kathleen S. Verderber – Associate Professor Emeritus, Northern Kentucky University

Erina L. MacGeorge – Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University


"If you are looking for a text that will help students immediately improve their interpersonal communication competence through in-class experiential learning, Inter-Act is the text to choose."--Anita Chirco, Keuka College

"Inter-Act is in a league of its own regarding the inclusion of social media and relatable examples for enhanced understanding and student comprehension. There is no other textbook that I have used or reviewed to use that so strongly incorporates theory, skill development, and emerging technology alongside one another for the most comprehensive presentation of interpersonal communication."--Jennifer Hodges, St. John's University

"Inter-Act contains a perfect balance of research  and practical pedagogy. There is no competition!" -- Carleen Yokotake, Leeward Community College

"Inter-Act should rank highly among instructors looking for something a little beyond the standard texts."--Ibrahim Yoldash, Indiana University Northwest