Crime & Criminology

Seventh Edition

Rob White, Fiona Haines, Nicole Asquith

Crime & Criminology

Seventh Edition

Rob White, Fiona Haines, Nicole Asquith






15 Sep 2023




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A comprehensive introduction to the study of crime

Crime and Criminology provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the study of crime. This seventh edition explores the key theories that explain criminal behaviour in society, providing students with the opportunity to evaluate how criminologists employ these theories in analyses of criminological issues.

Written by an expert author team, this edition has been thoroughly updated to include new examples and expand on the new directions in crime and criminology.

The book includes learning features designed to engage students in criminology by demonstrating how criminological theory can be placed in both a historical and contemporary context, and how it both frames and draws from research. It provides learning pathways beyond specific theories, equipping students with the skills to understand their own theoretical perspectives and understand the social context, history and concepts of each criminological theory.

New to this Edition

Three new chapters have been added to the seventh edition:

  • Chapter 11: Green Criminology
  • Chapter 13: Postcolonial Criminology
  • Chapter 14: Criminology and the Digital Society


Chapter 1. The Study of Crime

Chapter 2. Classical Theory

Chapter 3. Biological and Lifecourse Criminology

Chapter 4. Psychological Criminology

Chapter 5. Strain Theory

Chapter 6. Labelling Perspectives

Chapter 7. Critical Criminology

Chapter 8. Feminist Criminology

Chapter 9. Realist Approaches

Chapter 10. Republican Theory and Restorative Justice

Chapter 11. Green Criminology

Chapter 12. Cultural and Postmodern Criminology

Chapter 13. Postcolonial Criminology

Chapter 14. Criminology and the Digital Society

Chapter 15. Conclusion


Rob White is Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Criminology in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Tasmania, Australia.

Fiona Haines is Honorary Professional Fellow at the School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne.

Nicole Asquith is a Professor of Policing and Emergency Management in the School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania, Australia.

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