Global Political Economy

Nicola Phillips

Global Political Economy

Nicola Phillips






17 Aug 2023




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Centred around key topics and debates, Global Political Economy encourages students new to the field to explore its breadth and diversity, and understand how to approach and answer the big questions that matter today.  Written by scholars from around the world, the textbook reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the field by addressing essential topics and themes, such as poverty, labour, migration, and the environment.

Each chapter includes a unique 'Roundtable' feature, in which a diverse range of scholars consider a key question, introducing students to the dialogue between academics on core issues, and the interplay and value of different opinions, and perspectives. The 'Over to You' element invites the reader to consider the persuasiveness of the arguments, reflect upon their own perspective, and become an active participant in the debate.  

With a strong emphasis on 'globalising' the study of GPE, the textbook introduces to students the idea that it matters who is talking and writing, that there are different ways of seeing the world, and that bringing together different theoretical and methodological perspectives adds to the depth and richness of their understanding.

Digital formats and resources:
Global Political Economy is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is supported by a range of online resources.


1: Nicola Phillips: What, Who and Where is GPE?
2: Leonard Seabrooke and Kevin L. Young: How to Study Global Political Economy
3: Benjamin J. Cohen: How to Think about Global Political Economy
4: Jacqueline Best: Globalization and Neoliberalism
5: Lena Rethel: Finance
6: Erin Hannah and James Scott: Trade
7: Kate MacDonald: Production and Business
8: Simon Rushton: Health
9: Hayley Stevenson: Environment and Climate
10: Eduardo Ortiz Juárez and Andrew Sumner: Inequality
11: Asif Efrat: Crime
12: Matthew Alford: Labour and Work
13: Nicola Piper and Stuart Rosewarne: Migration
14: Richard Jolly and Thomas G. Weiss: Global Governance
15: Andrew Hurrell: States, Geopolitics, and the Global Economy


Edited by Nicola Phillips , Provost at the University of Melbourne

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