Numicon: Number, Pattern and Calculating 1 Teaching Pack

Tony Wing, Romey Tacon, Ruth Atkinson

Numicon: Number, Pattern and Calculating 1 Teaching Pack

Tony Wing, Romey Tacon, Ruth Atkinson






1 May 2014


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Numicon builds a deep understanding of maths through a multi-sensory approach, developing children's fluency, reasoning and problem-solving. The Numicon Number, Pattern and Calculating 1 Teaching Pack comprises a Teaching Resource Handbook and an Implementation Guide, providing the core materials you need to start teaching children aged 5 to 6. The Teaching Resource Handbook provides step-by-step activities for developing children's understanding of pattern, algebra, number and calculating. With a great emphasis on problem-solving through real-world contexts and practical planning and assessment guidance, the Teaching Resource Handbook will support you with developing children's mathematical understanding using Numicon. Accompanied with editable planning and printable photocopy masters, you can personalise to suit the needs of your children. The Implementation Guide offers guidance on what Numicon is, gives advice on how best to implement Numicon in your school and describes the Key Mathematical Ideas that underpin work within this year group. With information on the theory behind Numicon, this guide will inspire you in building a secure future in mathematics for all children. Supporting Numicon apparatus can be found in Starter Apparatus Pack A, ISBN 9780198389286.


Author Tony Wing

Author Romey Tacon

Author Ruth Atkinson


`Numicon has become part of what I do when teaching maths. It has become an integral part of maths lessons because it works! However did we teach maths before Numicon?' Maths Coordinator, Chandlings Manor School, Oxfordshire