Read Write Inc Magnetic Mini-Speed Sound Cards Pack of 10

Gill Munton

Read Write Inc Magnetic Mini-Speed Sound Cards Pack of 10

Gill Munton






2 Feb 2006




Read Write Inc

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Read Write Inc Phonics is a proven synthetic phonics programme that ensures early success in reading, writing and spelling. It includes Speed Sound Cards, Word Cards, Ditty Photocopy Masters, Ditty Books, Storybooks, Non-fiction, Interactive Stories and Writing books. It is supported by teacher resources and a full training package to ensure its easy implementation.

The Magnetic Sounds Cards Set 1 and 2 support the teaching of sounds and graphemes as they help children identify letter shapes and develop skills of blending and segmenting.

The Magnetic Sounds Set 1 and 2 can also be bought in single packs.


Gill Munton


`Read Write Inc. actually teaches children to read and write. We love using this programme because children achieve so much so quickly. They want to read and write. It's the best literacy programme we have ever known.' Lorna Jackson, Headteacher, Maryland Primary School

`There are many dimensions to your programme that support teaching and learning...The successful teaching that has been evident since September has had beneficial effect on learning and behaviour across the school.' Sue Watts, Furrow Community School