Global Politics

Stephanie Lawson

Global Politics

Stephanie Lawson






5 Mar 2021


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Global Politics is a concise and engaging introduction to international relations. In it, Stephanie Lawson introduces the key theories and concepts underpinning the discipline, giving readers a foundation to study politics on both a personal and global scale, including issues relating to gender, sexuality, and ethnicity, as well as the economy, environment, and concepts of justice.

The textbook presents theories in their historical context, demonstrating how they can evolve over time. Case studies, both contemporary and historical, and biographies of key figures, help bring these issues to life. Additional features, such as key debates and summary questions, provide opportunities to analyse issues from a range of perspectives.


  • Also available as an e-book with functionality and navigation features that offer extra learning support
  • Introduces the subject of international relations in 12 engaging chapters.
  • Uses case studies from around the world to demonstrate how theory connects with real world politics in practice.
  • The Key Debates feature gives students opportunities to identify and critique different arguments and perspectives.

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1: Introducing Global Politics
2: States, Nations and Empires
3: Traditional Theories in Global Politics
4: Critical Approaches to Global Politics
5: New Waves of Theorizing in Global Politics
6: Security and Insecurity
7: International Organizations in Global Politics
8: International Law
9: Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
10: Global Political Economy
11: Global Politics in the Anthropocene
12: Conclusion: Justice and the Future of Global Politics


Stephanie Lawson - Honorary Professor of Politics and International Studies at Macquarie University, Australia.

Student Resources

The following resources are available for students who are using Global Politics for their course:

  • Multiple choice questions test your knowledge of the chapters and provide instant feedback.
  • Extended case studies demonstrate theory in practice.
  • Videos illustrate contemporary issues in International Relations.

Lecturer Resources

The following resources are available for lecturers who prescribe Global Politics for their course:

  • Customisable PowerPoint slides support effective teaching preparation.
  • Essay questions promote students' critical reflection on core issues and themes within each chapter.


`A lively, well-written introductory text, with good supporting materials, that our students will find engaging.' -- Alan Apperley, Senior Lecturer in Politics at University of Wolverhampton

`This book enables students to cover traditional thinking on IR while challenging them to critically re-evaluate mainstream ways of thinking in one go. Contemporary topics are covered which also makes the textbook relevant to todays undergraduate students.' -- Taku Tamaki, Lecturer in International Relations at Loughborough University