The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing

Richard Dawkins

The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing

Richard Dawkins






10 Dec 2009


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Selected and introduced by Richard Dawkins, The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing is a celebration of the finest writing by scientists for a wider audience - revealing that many of the best scientists have displayed as much imagination and skill with the pen as they have in the laboratory.

This is a rich and vibrant collection that captures the poetry and excitement of communicating scientific understanding and scientific effort from 1900 to the present day. Professor Dawkins has included writing from a diverse range of scientists, some of whom need no introduction, and some of whose works have become modern classics, while others may be less familiar - but all convey the passion of great scientists writing about their science.


Part I: What Scientists Study

Part II: Who Scientists Are

Part III: What Scientists Think

Part IV: What Scientists Delight In


Richard Dawkins, Former Charles Simonyi Chair of the Public Understanding of Science, Oxford University; Fellow of New College, Oxford; Fellow of the Royal Society; and Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

Richard Dawkins is the first holder of the Charles Simonyi Chair of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, and a Fellow of New College, Oxford. His bestselling books include The God Delusion (2006); The Selfish Gene (1976); The Extended Phenotype (1982); The Blind Watchmaker (1986); Unweaving the Rainbow (1998); and The Ancestor's Tale (2004). Dawkins is a Fellow of both the Royal Society and the Royal Society of Literature. He is the recipient of numerous honours and awards, including the 1987 Royal Society of Literature Award, the 1990 Michael Faraday Award of the Royal Society, the 1994 Nakayama Prize, the 1997 International Cosmos Prize for Achievement in Human Science, the Kistler Prize in 2001, and the Shakespeare Prize in 2005.


Review from previous edition: 'A brilliant collection... If you could only ever read one science book, this should probably be it.' -- New Scientist

`The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing edited by Richard Dawkins, come up trumps... It is to be hoped that many will not only read this excellent volume but will then go on to read in their entirety some of the individual works themselves. That is the ultimate success of any anthology.' -- Mary Strickland. Chemistry World.

`A sparkling anthology.' -- David Sinclair, Tribune.

`The book makes for a fascinating browse, but it could also inspire as a bed-time volume, filling the readers' dreams with exploding stars and tiny atoms.' -- Peter Ranscombe, The Scotsman

`This is a superb collection... it's a damn good read even if you're only marginally interested in science.  I love this's a must-read that will surely make a major contribution to the public understanding of science.' -- BBC Focus (science and technology). John Gribbin.

`For the science-savvy. it's like a gigantic prize-giving-cum-back-slap.  For the science-phobic, it's a banner-waving call to come on in and give it a try.' -- Jonathan Gibbs. Metro London.

`Beautiful volume...A labour of love.' -- Steven Poole. The Guardian.

`A glorious celebration of literary scientists.' -- Harry Richie, Mail on Sunday

`It is a real treasure trove of unexpected pleasures.' -- Sunday Telegraph. Kenan Malik

`This isn't Dawkins as the centre of attention but as a benign and generous guide to the best science writing, with commentaries from the master.' -- Peter Forbes. The Independent.